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Govt job while 498a is on?

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Ranbir,NO. 498a DV, Dowry prohibition, Divorce, 24 sec , 125 Crpc or, won't prohibit anyone the to Right to employment . for the following reasons:

1. Personal matters have no bearing on matrimonial disputes.

2. Govt. servants can be suspended if in jail[Relaxed if such a govt. servant states that prior sanction under 197crpc is not taken if it applies] BUT HE CANNOT BE TERMINATED FROM HIS SERVICE.

3. Sending anyone to jail debarrs his right to Contest his case himself/or even through attorney and violates Article 21 and the preamble of the Constitution.

3. Mutiple cases on the same grounds and with same or even if with different cause titles violate article 20 of the Constitution

More later[System time out expected]

chandra mohan (power)     17 November 2011

Dear Mr. Ranbir,

I got "extremely brilliant grading" in my premier govt organisation after 498a and other criminal cases filed by wife. They had written many nonsence letters to my office also. Management had helped and supported me a lot becoz I had informed about these false cases. So its your image, office responsibility and your work output in the org and no body bothers about matrimonial dispute. I think if our heart is clean and clear then everybody helps.


One IDBI bank manager became a deputy general manager when wife sent him to jail in 498a. He send her a letter of Thanx and requested to send him to jail once more in some other such silly case.



I was working in a Fortune 500 MNC..and because of these cases..when they were filed..I was very very upset an could not concentrate on my job and was asked to quit..

Now I am jobless and I since I hold a Masters in Technology, I am applying for a Research Job in one of Leading Research Laboratories under the Central Government.

So, I just wanted to clarify.

Thanks all of you


Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     17 November 2011

Research ????? ................. why you want to get into govt. job when these cases are running? Rather get into so many private jobs that you have in the same sector. That also shields you from getting prosecuted again and again ....... Don't tax yourself, get into a good private job, work hard, earn respect and faith of your employers & then see the difference ......... Trust me you evolving better each day in social terms, financial terms, intellectual terms and spiritual terms at the end of the case would be your real jeet everything would be history. Good luck!!!!



Aishwarya (Teacher)     18 November 2011

thnku thnku thnku mere bhai !

..samajhne ke liye, and a, happy  chalo koi toh samjha .

.khair jaane do ab yeh matter toh solve ho chuka kabka ..



Do remember, as per SCL, CDA Rules/Standing Orders, Competent Authority may place an employee under suspension :


-where disciplinary proceeding against him/her is contemplated or is pending;

-a case against him/her in respect of any criminal offence is under investigation or trial;

or -he/she had engaged himself/herself in activities prejudicial to the interest of the Company.


Do remember that an employee, who is detained in custody, whether on a criminal charge or otherwise, for a period exceeding 48 hours, shall be deemed to have been suspended with effect from the date of detention by an order of the appointing authority; and shall remain under suspension until further orders.


Avoid the following misdemeanors which may lead to suspension of an employee : -an offence or conduct involving moral turpitude;

-committing of any criminal offence; -corruption, embezzlement or misappropriation of public money, possession of disproportionate assets;

-misuse of official powers for personal gains;

-serious negligence and dereliction of duty resulting in considerable loss to the organization;

-engaging in activities prejudicial to the interest of the Company;

-any misconduct which can lead to starting of disciplinary proceedings.

An employee under suspension shall not enter the work premises without the sanction/permission of the Competent Authority, during the period of suspension.



Did you remember arjunsingh case?

Dowry case against HRD Minister Arjun Singh

A case under the Anti-Dowry Act has been registered against Union Human Resources Minister Arjun Singh, his wife Beena Singh, son Abhimanyu Singh, grandson Abhijeet Singh and three others at a police station in Moradabad late on Sunday, the police said.

The case has been registered on the direction of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Chandausi, on a complaint by Madhvendra Singh, the father of the Union minister’s daughter-in-law Priyanka Singh, Moradabad district police chief Prem Prakash told PTI.

The court had ordered the registration of the case on July 27 but the FIR was registered at Chandausi Kotwali police station Sunday, he said.

Madhvendra Singh has alleged that his daughter’s in-laws had been demanding a Mercedes car and a flat from him and his daughter was being tortured when their demand was not met, Prakash said.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     15 January 2012

A govt servant in custody for more than 48 hours is deemed suspended but department has option to revoke suspension at any time. Either way he is not out to job as considered by many persons if convicted he can be removed without procedure of chargehseet and inquiry.  If acquitted the department can consider disciplinary proceedings.

cm jain sir (ccc)     15 January 2012

Judicial custody for 48 hrs or more and suspension from the job, deptt enquiry etc may be there but it all depends upon you image and relation with higher ups. If at all some action is to be taken, its for formalities only so no need to bother if one is maintaining a gud repo in the organisation.


Now a days everybody knows that these are the tools by woman for harassing the husband and for personal grudges.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     19 January 2012

But most people are re-instated soon.



Anyways this thread has lost its relevance and is fit to be closed.



Shonee Kapoor

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     19 January 2012

 I have to disagree with all replied. The query is whether he being accused of 498a join Govt service. CERTAINLY NO. Before joining service he has to fill a 6 paged attestation where he has to himself state whether involved in criminal case or not.  The said form is sent to the area police station and report is sought.


Someone is repeatedly advising that it is a private matter. No it is not once a criminal case is registered it is no more private matter for joining Govt service. Rules leave no scope.


Someone is saying that he was helped by his department. Yes he was in service.  But this man is not in service. He has no right to enter.


Tajobsinha has compared joining Govt job with opening Bank account and what not. Govt rules do not change with such views.


Aishwarya believe that in interview they may ask. In Govt selection none asks such question in interview, it is asked in writing after selection and before joining.


It is not DRDO or DMRL which have background check. It is in every deptt even for the job of waterman/canteen waiter.


Even if someone in service is accused of 498a no sanction under 197 is needed.


Someone says that everyone knows that these are tools given to women to harass. Still Govt rules do not change


Mr Ranvir has thanked all for encouragement but the fact is that is encouraged to overlook the reality.


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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     20 January 2012

First he has to declare whether he is involved or not. There is a specific colum he has to mention the case No and Police station. He has to speficically state whether he had been on bail on any point of time.  False statement can lead to dismissal even at the fag end of service even if the case is closed in next six months.  One cannot be advised to start foundation of Govt service on foundation of false statement and carry the risk of being thrown out when he is overage for any othr job. The Girl's family  who is filing the case cannot be expected to keep quite if he joins Govt. They are bound to knwo and bound to report to the deptt. Do not you think that elaqa thana knows as to how many residents of their area are on bail from other Police Stations spread in lakhs in all corners of country. Do you feels system to be so week.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     27 January 2012

1. You can still get a job, unless you were arrested.


2. I know people who have been re-instated.





Shnee Kapoor

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     27 January 2012

The bar is being accused. Ther eis no differece whether he has or has not been arrested.

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