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Govt job while 498a is on?

Dear All,

I wanted to ask, whether I can apply for a government job while the 498A is on?



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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     17 November 2011

@ Author

YES you can apply as well as do following when S. 498a IPC is on upon you !

1. Seek any Govt., Job
2. Seek any Pvt. Job
3. Apply for Passport
4. Apply for Gas connection
5. Apply for Govt. / Pvt. landline phone
6. Apply for Govt. / Pvt. mobile phone connection
7. Apply for Election Card
8. Apply for AADHAR ID Card
9. Apply for Certified Copy from any Court pan
10. File RTI Application especially under life and liberty clause to seek info. under 48 hrs. (see the beauty of S. 498a FIR)
11. Apply for Bail
12. Meet and live with your parents
13. See / roam around your G/F if any 
14. Party with your friends
15. Go to movies
16. Attend
Delhi's Trade Fair
17. Talk to Lawyers to discuss case briefs
18. Seek appointment with any ld. rtd. Judges to discuss case briefs
19. Apply for Ration Card
20. Open Bank A/C
21. Invest in Shares
22. Open DEMAT AC
23. Buy an Life Insurance
24. Register a property on your name
25. Buy / sell a Property
26. Buy a vehicle on your name
27. Enroll in any Club membership
28. Make overseas travel
29. Go for conducted sightseeing tours
30. Buy Air ticket / train ticket
31. Visit any police Station
32. Go for offsite getaways
33. Attend Celebrity Events / Road Shows
34. Buy liquor / buy cigs / buy schedule H drugs from any pharmacy etc…;-)
35. Donate blood to family members in need in any hospital
36. Seek medical treatment from any Hospital
37. Import anything form overseas provided they are in scheduled list.
38. Come anytime to LCI for help ;-)
so you see bro. this list is exhaustive and you being sovereign of yourself hence your FREEDOM cannot start and end with mere S. 498a IPC filing and don’t give so much importance to a Section of IPC which at the end of tunnel comes to 'negotiation table" having lowest conviction rate till date in almost 2 decades of its existence.

DV is a better law in respect to S. 498a IPC which is now history and has lost charm except in S/w settling scores cases. Rural wives are finding it hard to first know their right sunder S. 498a IPC and now being taught how to use DV Act courtesy lawyers Collective which is very amusing (confusion wise)............


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Aishwarya (Teacher)     17 November 2011

But still if they do ask in interview as they may not give job (private or govt.), as employers may not have any idea about case's if its false and are not grave or serious . they may not see it in a light manner and knowing the person has been through jail and running with court cases may not be given the job on these grounds and one cannot even hide all this when facing a job interview..There's a police verification system too for getting a good job..

How to tackle that ?


You can do anything as suggested by Tajob. Its an affront to articles 20 and 21 of the Constitution. But no judicial review of striking down 498a,DV being Ultravires of the Constitution  etc has ever been carried out by judges or do they also have vote bank politics.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     17 November 2011

I disagree Aishwarya,


I have changed jobs, gone abroad and done all things with matrimonial discord happening between us.


If they need you, they would hire you.





Shonee Kapoor

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Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     17 November 2011

Its a matrimonial dispute nor a criminal dispute (altough the charges are criminal in nature), so no issues with job. The only concern with the company would be your availabilty on critical times on any project. That could be impediment. So assusre them of your availability and be sincere to your work.


Rohit (def)     17 November 2011

Though I had not to change job or get a new one, but these yrs, in deep mess to.....It is always advisible to inform ur superiors b4hand about terrorism u r facing.......they rather helped me to take as many as holidays I wanted, which I never expolited. So all emplyers/bosses are not may even get sympathy somewhere d/t all these false cases.


Do agree with Rohit Ji.



In case of Private compaines it is Ok. They are not bothered..but only your performance but I am bothered incase of companies which are direct under central governement...Like CSIR (or any Defence Organization like DRDO, DMRL)...these companies will definitely have a background check..

I have heard that, if you are a Govt employee, whether direct or Public sector undertaking, the employee gets suspended once a criminal case is registered..</p>


Please throw some light



I believe until the decission is pending nothing will happen.

Our MP/MLA are facing many cases but still they are working in Indian assembly and parliament.

Aishwarya (Teacher)     17 November 2011

arrey ..main jo boli koi nahi saying ppl who r employing us... take the intrvw and thr perception of court or case and jail is diffrnt and sometimes they fear not to involve in such matters and keep away..

..agar this is not the case then howcome so many 498a vicitm guys lose thr jobs as soon they are falsly implicated and sent to jail by thr wives..they are immediately asked to leave thr jobs , unwillingly ...and even new companies rarely take the risk of hiring them..then what happens ? am asking in this regard..we can apply n all i knw tht..but its hard out thr to convince ppl tht these are family discord and not criminal ones...


what happens to a person in govt service after he is arrested and loses his job after being in custody for 24/48 hours?What he has to do to join in the same job again?will have to wait till acquittal?


Miss Aish, 

The qustion is very simple, whether a running 498A, will prohibit a prospective employee of a goverment organization to be employed in the central government organization..OFFICIALLY..



He will be suspended for few days and then with permission of the head of the organization, he can resume his duties, he will not be expelled/sacked...


Ranbir,NO. 498a DV, Dowry prohibition, Divorce, 24 sec , 125 Crpc or, won't prohibt anyone to Right to employment . for the following reasons:

1. Personal matters have no bearing on matrimonial disputes.

2. Govt. servants can be suspended if in jail[Relaxed if such a govt. servant states that prior sanction under 197crpc if it applies] BUT HE CANNOT BE TERMINATED FROM HIS SERVICE.

3. Sending anyone to jail debarrs his right to Contest his case himself and violates Article 21 and the preamble of the Constitution.

3. Mutiple cases on the same grounds and with same or even if with different cause violate article 20 of the Constitution

More later[System time out expected]

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