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ashish (xyz)     03 September 2013

Girl blackmailing over false rape for marriage


Please advice me i am in big trouble as, a girl is blackmailing me to marry her.

I met this girl 4 months back. We did had any physical relationship just once..but not any s*xual intercourse(Never).

Now she's blackmailing to marry by

1.She will go n tell my parents about my relationship

2.She will lodge false police complain about false marriage and consensual s*x.

3.or She will take any wrong step ..she cant live with me ..suicide n ol I have done counselling.

I have spoken with her 100 time making her understand about the consequences of what shes going to do.but all in vain.she is not willing to accept.

Only option left is speaking to her parents but apart from that,

1.if she lodge false rape complain, as she thinks police will make me marry her, what would be the procedure.How will police verify her complain is false or not.

2.what should i do to come out clean? i have all SMS that i never told her i would marry her.Is that enough or what evidence should i collect? video recording via spy cam to show she's lieing or what else should i do .Will police accept?

3.About suicide threat what should i do?

Please advice on all the point as this is life and death problem for me.


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fighting back (exec)     03 September 2013

as per my understanding of law, it should be reported at the earliest stage, not later, which can give rise to the theory of afterthought.

as per your post, you say that  We did had any physical relationship just once..but not any s*xual intercourse(Never).

you are contradicting your own statements, you say u had physical relationship but not any s*xual intercourse, how is that  possible?

on the facts given by you, you seem to be lying, she can book you for cheating under section 420, as she says that you had consensual s*x,  and now you are turning away from marriage.

read the latest supreme court judgements regarding this,,,,you will have more understanding

ashish (xyz)     03 September 2013

Hi, I am sorry if you misunderstood my statement. All i meant by physical relation is we once had oral s*x thats it.only once and we never went ahead of that. I never had intercourse or anything with her. And that too when she knew i never comitted her but now all this

ashish (xyz)     05 September 2013

Hey guys please reply.I am very tensed.

Can she legally screw me?

JusticeSeeker (Manager)     23 September 2013

Dear Ashish,


You clearly had a relationship with her for 4 months. In this period you have indulged in Oral s*x. Now why do you not want to marry her?

In the same way that you fear legal proceedings isn't she justified in fearing for her life now especially since she has undergone such intimacy with you on the pretext that you'll one day marry her?

Either you should have made it very clear in the very beginning that all this physical intimacy is nothing but lust and /or one night stand. You certainly seem to have spurned her passions of love now its indeed time to face the music.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     05 October 2013

no one can marry u forcibly , contact a gud lawyer


@ Author,

Your lust Vs innocence..........

1. You are no where to make yourself innocent when intimacy has countered her to insist for marriage,but she can't force you to marry you.


1. in any intimacy there is no one way traffic,here whatever intimacy has been done was according to consent of both of you.

2. The oral s*x doesn't count for rape until or unless your tool's not interupted in her tool's.

3. Marriage commitment or agreement doesn't comes under contract Act 1872 .

4. The all she can do is she will fire you for breach of trust & attempt to rape.

5. But, here again a good criminal lawyer can easily destroy her intension's because the consensual s*x in India doesn't count for any rape until or unless it is not done in fraudulent,coerce or for undue advantage.

6. The baisic thing for your case is to stick with only option that you never stated that you will marry her and for this you have to do your homework and produce the evidences that easily predict's that no where you have mentioned or expressed that you have touched her only when you given a nod of marriage in future.

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Reformist !!! (Other)     10 October 2013

better not to marry such a girl who is threatening u before marriage...........think if u marry her and she starts thretening u again after marriage......i wud advice record her statements and file a complaint in nearby PS with videor recording as evidence where she says that she will lodge a false rape case if u dont marry her

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