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RK (adada)     05 September 2012

Free divorce consultancy only for men


This message is for all the Men who are undergoing Divorce process in India or awaiting to file Divorce.

I have been rewarded a Divorce decree under Mutual Consent on 14th Aug,2012 after a traumatic 1 year of contested divorce case filed by me against my wife under Cruelty and Desertion grounds.

Being an ardent follower of LCI, I wish to help all my fellow members who have suffered against PRO-Women laws of the land.

I want to help and guide all my Male friends who are seeking divorce against their wife and want to start afresh in Life.

Call me at 83 7390 60 18

Please note that my only objective here is to help people by hearing there individual cases and give my consultancy on case by case basis only.




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Philip (senior Executive)     05 September 2012


I am a Christian guy from Bangalore. My wife has deserted me and left my parental house with our 3 yrs old son last November. Now she and my in-laws are demanding share of my property against divorce. She is a Computer Engineer and she used to work for a big Co. in Bangalore.

My question are:

1. Can she claim my property which I inherited from my father?

2. My monthly nett earning is Rs 32000/-. How much maintenance should I pay?

2. How much maintenance should I pay for my son?

Will be grateful to get these answers.

Ranee....... (NA)     05 September 2012

1. No . not at present.

2..she will not get any maintenance as she is earning.

3.Will be fixed according to your lifestyle.She will also have to contribute.


Philip (senior Executive)     05 September 2012

Most probably she is not working now, but can get a good job any time because she has a 5yrs experience. Her parents both are Govt. employee.

Avinash Sharma (Sr.Manager)     05 September 2012

All Readers / Experts  on Divorce Laws  for Innocent husbands who fall prey to unscruplous women.

Please read the link and post answers for Nullity  of marriage  because of Non-consummation due to any count.

It comes under cruelty to innocent husbands.




Expert  opinions are invited .


Avinash Sharma

Avinash Sharma (Sr.Manager)     05 September 2012


Advise on the above article.


Avinash Sharma

Philip (senior Executive)     06 September 2012

Hi Avinash,


Thanks for the link. But its not at all useful for me.

Philip (senior Executive)     06 September 2012

Hallo Rani,

R u a professional lawyer? Can I share a few more details with you so that you can give a good suggestion?

Ranee....... (NA)     06 September 2012


no I am not a professional lawyer.

If you need one then you can search in Lawyer's search section in this site..

Prashant Ghai (Advocate) (PrashantGhai.com)     06 September 2012

@Philip: No she can not CLAIM your property. Also, she is not entitled to ANY maintenance as she is well educated, hence capable of working, earning and maintaining herself.

Philip (senior Executive)     06 September 2012

Mr Ghai,


Thanks a lot for your reply. It gave me confidence and I got reliefe from a tension. Can I xplain my whole story to you and look for  a better suggestion in this forum? Thank u

Prashant Ghai (Advocate) (PrashantGhai.com)     06 September 2012

Sure. You can post it here on the forum or even e-mail me if you feel like. You can get my contact details on my profile page.

Philip (senior Executive)     06 September 2012

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and kind co-operation. I shall mail you shortly.

Philip (senior Executive)     06 September 2012

Dear Mr Ghai,


Just now I mailed you my details. I thought it wont be very wise to discuss my personal matter in this public forum when you have given me the opportunity to contact you personally. If you have any query you can contact me over mail. Thanks a lot. Am looking forward to get rid of my problem at the earliest with your kind help.

stanley (Freedom)     06 September 2012

Dear Philip , 

 She wont  get any maintanence  as she was capable of working was working.As for the child you would have to give maintanence .But in case you take up custody of the child than even for the child you dont have to pay her any maintanence. If can ask for visitation rights for your child . As regards to your property she has no right over it and would not get anything. 

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