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Free divorce consultancy only for men

Page no : 3

Pradeesh (Trainer)     14 July 2014


I am a Hindu guy living in chennai. My marriage is 4 months old now. I was denied s*x at first night and still we do not have a physical relationship and she is not currently living with me. She is an MBA has 7 year experience in Nokia but now she has resigned. She is not ready for MCD. Though the article looks encouraging i really think its an out of the blue case. Please advice.

Amit (NA)     14 July 2014


I believe you can file for RCR u/s 9 HMA if you wish to continue to live with her. Clearly mention that she's denying you s*x. If you win RCR and she still denies you s*x then you can file for divorce.

If you don't want to continue to live with her, then file for divorce giving denial of s*x as cruelty.

But before you take any legal step, make sure you are well prepared like not having any house on your name, clearing all your financial assets and transferring them to your family members, proof of her income etc.


Learned lawyers can throw more light on this.

dave (not a lawyer)     14 July 2014

Mr RK, This is great work you are doing here, I wanted to appreciate you on the help you are offering for the fellow citizens. Men need protection in India, especially under the law currently we have in India; no public organization recognizes this fact yet. Our justice system punish a man for the mistakes done by a woman. I wish the real men like you do the work you are doing, the nation will be much happier for you.

Kalaivani (SPE)     15 July 2014

Hello all,

Please understand not all girls file wrong case against their husband. Please I love my husband and just want to live with him so undergoing all the pain both physically and mentally. I do have all dreams like others that i have to live with my husband, but no courage to face anyone so just undergoing the pain.Please brother RK it is the pain inmy heart just urging to live with my husband.

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     15 July 2014


What is that now you need? First frame set of questions and try finding answers for the irrationale behaviour. If you think she can be rectfied and you are sure to save your marriage life, then RCR is the way to go, else you feel, she is adamant and incorrigible, directly file divorce pettion under sec 13 where cruelty meted out you owing to denial of cohabitation is valid ground.

Biren Sharma (a)     09 May 2015

Dear Sir,


I am married on march 2012 as per hindu rituals, my wife stayed with me for 10 months in a span of 18 months (for 2 months and 3 months as she keep on travelling to her house) till that time her behavior was OK.


After 1 1/2 years of marriage she had some quarrel with my mother and she went to her home for some festival in August 2013, she went saying she will be back in a week time, but thereafter she keep on saying me that she is not feeling well etc and wont be able come and this continues for 6 months


suddenly one day she told me that she will come back only after i own a new house because she do not want to stay with my family,


I had also went to take her back at her house but she refused to come untill i own a new house.


Today, till date she has not came back & i had also not spoken with her since 10 months.


Now her family is threatening me that they will screw me and take me to court, Both of us had not not sent any legal notice or filed any complaint at police station regarding this till date


Kindly advice me what further action shall take to over come this,



Rajiv Seth (Manger)     11 May 2015

Kor (NA)     11 May 2015

Hello Mr.RK,

Thank you for coming forward on nober cause, but can you please mention your correct number.

The number you provided 83 7390 60 18 is being answered by a ladey.

killivalavan (manager)     12 May 2015


Hello SIr, looking for your help in the below query 
My divorce case is going on in vellur(near chennai) for more than 5 years , madras high court ordered speedy disposal to complete the case before July 2014, lower court-vellur JM got one month extension from high court , ordered Ex-parte divorce during mid of august 2014 and communicated back to high court for the case closure.

My wife applied set side application during last week of nov 2014 using Order-9 Rule-13 with the reason saying that she was hospitalized for more than two weeks during august 2014, so she was not able to attend the case and meet the lawyers.

The lower court allowed the set aside application during feb 2015 without putting any time limit to complete the case.

Can lower court allow the set aside application without getting extension from madras high court as it was closed in august 2014 and communicated back to highcourt - registry ?

Can lower court allow the set aside application without mentioning the time limit to complete the case?

My Perjury pettion( 340 Cr.P.C) was dismissed in lower court during 2014 though I submitted proof for her employment ,

Can I go for appeal u/s 341 Cr.P.C in madras High court or to district court ? please advice

Please advise me on the above query

vsingh   09 June 2015

Got married 8 years ago. I transfered my entire property and cash to her out of trust. She has left home recently and not willing to come back even after I told her that I am willing to forgive her for not being faithful. There is no respite left because I an job less, penniless and my parents also deserted me because she used to threated suicide many times. My family of joint, consisting my two elder brothers, their families, and my mother and father. They do not want to get embroiled in this issue hence they have forsaken me legally and I am looking for other means of accomodations. I am all alone and do not know what to do and where to go. Recently got an offer letter from a call center and would be joining soon. Please help for heaven sake.

Ketan Sonagra   19 July 2015

Need advice on divorce.

sanjayauddy   15 November 2015

Dear Mr RK, I tried to contact you today at the number mentioned 8373906018 but it was some Mr Rahul. Can you please provide me with you current number. I need you assistance badly, please.

yogesh   15 November 2015

i am a hindu guy from small village in pune now living in a hyderabad .i was married in 2011 . my wife is dont think about me & dont love me she had affair with my best friend after my engagement and after my marriage she had affair with my another friend recently she told me this as well as after marriage when she was doing job she had s*x with his office colligue she went with him in lodge so many times she revealed this to me after her ex boyfriend tell her that he will tell me everything about this .after that when she told me that she had done all these things i am having confession letter from her on a normal A4 size paper in her own hand writing that she done all these .and also signed by her parent. now i dont want to stay with her so i want to take divorce so can you please help me get out of this crap please please .sorry for wrong english grammer

AMT.....   30 April 2016

Iam a Hindu married 26years, with two adult children.

My wife and self have no compatibility. For last 10 -15 years, we have had strained relations. I have lost faith in her as she has been stealing money for many years I have no track, misbehaving with my parents, disobediance, arrogance etc. 

She has been stating since beginning that we was never interested in this marraiage. This was further confirmed by the doctor who was investicating on her for the root cause of her aticaria.

We are not staying together and don't speak to each other for months or even a year. Iam in communication with children. She is hungry for money, jewelry, property et.

To gain sympathy, she has been communicating neighbours, to wife's of my friends that Iam going to divorce.

2 years, back in one to one meeting, I had spoken to her mother, that as educated families, without making much of drama, let us mutually agree for divorce. 

But she declined, stating as long as she is alive will never accept. 

I feel there are malafied intentions.

Can I obtain divorce peacefully?

vsingh   02 May 2016

I share the same story. But only difference is I have no children. been married for last 10 years. separated from more than one year. She took my entire money and bought property and is living in that property. She used to threaten me and my family with suicides for which I have her hand written letters. She is an adulterated woman whom I can't prove now because it is too late. I asked for a mutual divorce but she refuses. I have proof of all the money that I transferred in her account in through my bank statements. I also feel she has malafied intentions. Now I am living separately from my parents just so because I do not want them involved. I have no respite whatsoever. And don't know what to do? where to go. I live in Panchkula in haryana and doing petty jobs for my survival.

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