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Arvind (Executive Director)     13 March 2013

Forged power of attorney

Mrs. Indira Bhat, MBA.,B.L. aged 68 a retired senior cash officer having house and land worth crores of rupees at Chennai.

An Advocate Muruganandam forged the documents and registered a PoA at Pappanadu Sub-Registrar office and sold it to 8 persons (include Madras High Court lawyers and their family members). After complaint to the city commissioner, Muruganandam was imprisioned for 60 days.

Witness of PoA confesed their ignorance and duped. The Junior Assistant registered the document based on the Sub-Registrar instructions while he was leave. Two witness denied their role and the registered person has not met the owner of the property in person,

Pattukottai District Registrar asking to seek justice through court of law. In what way it is right?.

Several representations/letters to the IG of Registration and the District Registrar they are not cancelling the PoA. Because of encumbrance the land owner unable to sell it and she desire to invest it for the educational purpose of poor and orphaned children.


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Advocate Vishnu (Advocate)     13 March 2013

Kindly file a suit for declaration of title in Mrs Indira Bhat's favour and the cancellation of the sale deeds executed with the forged PoA. Also pl file a suit for permanent injuction against the claimants who have purchased the property using the forged PoA.The subregistrar will require this decree from the court to cancel the fraudulently executed sale deeds on the property. 

MANNE SN (Chief Consultant)     13 March 2013

In addition to the above  move criminal Proceedings against the Erring Individual.

Arvind (Executive Director)     14 March 2013

Mrs. Indira devaraj Bhat (68) is not having any children. Her intention is to sell the property and invest it for the educational purpose of orphaned and poor children. I am the consultant of the organisation promoted by late Dr. D. N. Bhat  'Sri Jyothi Bahma Mission' based at Maraimalai Nagar of Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu State. The forged persons are giving trouble through phone calls and sending unknown persons to sell her property. Her intention is the persons involved in the land grabbing must be punished. They are practicing lawyers at Chennai High Court and their family members, now demanding money they spent towards the stamp duty and direct payment to the fraudsters Where to complaint and debar them from practicing?. How the white scholar associates with a forged persons can demand money from us for settlement and clearence of encumbrance?

Arvind (Executive Director)     14 March 2013



Date:       Fri, Mar 8, 2013

Subject:  Appeal to cancel the fake 'power of attorney


Hon’ble Chief Minister Mother ‘SANDHIYA’ next house at 10, Sivagnanam Road, T. Nagar,

Chennai 2.75 Grounds. Dr. D,N.Bhat & Indira Bhat purchased land and old building Doc. No. 775/1976                              

Signed Joint Venture with ‘Vasanth Builders’ for development                                                     1993

Dr. D.N. Bhat died in 2007. Mrs Indira Bhat (68) sole heir

Muruganandam registered fake power at Papapnadu                                                    Doc.No.31/210  

Mr. Sundaram registered fake ‘sale agreement’                                                         Doc. No.369/2011                                                                                                             

Fake ‘power agent’ and ‘sale agreement holder’ jointly sold it to 8 persons

and registered at T. Nagar.                                                                                  Doc. No. 1447 to 1454

Indira Bhat lodged complaint to City Commissioner                                                         FIR 330/2011

 Muruganandam was imprisoned 60 days, Sundaram got bail.                                          04. 08. 2011

Unable to sell without Encumbrance; and invest it for poor and orphaned children’s’ educational purpose.

Mrs. Indira Bhat (68) facing death threat, and living with orphanage at Maraimalai Nagar.

Till date there is no reply from CM Cell and IG of Registration                                           10/03/2013

Arvind (Executive Director)     14 March 2013


(Based on Right to Information Act 2005)



Subject: Cancellation of ‘Power of Attorney’ Document Number 31/2010 - regarding


Cancel the ‘Power of Attorney’ Document No. 31/2010 registered at Pappanadu Sub-Registrar Office on 13/08/2010. Mr. K. Asokan, M.Com., Pattukkottai District Registrar (Administration) conducted enquiry on 16/04/2012.


Witness 1) came to change of ‘patta’ but Muruganandam misguided him.                     

Witness 2) Signature and photo is not his and moreover he never visited the Registrar Office

The Junior Assistant Ms. S. Rajakumari stated that she never met the complainant, according

to the instructions of Mr. Asaithambi, Sub-Registrar (In charge) she registered the document.

Complainant: Mrs. Indira Bhat denied that she never given any PoA to anyone.

·      Mr. Muruganandam was not attended two summons (16/04/2012 and 30/04/2012).

·     Mrs. Indira Bhat also not visited Pappanadu and signed the PoA. Her photo was taken from

    bar council of Madras High Court.  


1.  The State Government has given permission to cancel the complaints relating to fraudulent registrations through impersonation or production of false documents and evidences.

        C. No. 67 dated 03.11.2011 (C. No. 52338/C1/2011) to all District Registrars.


2.         According to the Government Circular ‘The District Registrar should complete the enquiry maximum in two months in each case and if the parties are not appearing for more than 2 summons, ex-parte order should be passed.  The District Registrar was not adopted the rules. (violation-1). Registrar sent 3rd summon to appear on 14.05.2012 (violation-2) to enable to produce fake documentary evidences. Is it not a clear breach of government order?


3.        In the absence of Sub-Registrar at Pappanadu how the Junior Assistant Ms. Rajakumari can register a document on 13.08.2010 without any knowledge. Mr. Asaithambi, sub-registrar corrupt role is proved through his instructions. Who should take the responsibility?


4.    Why the Inspector General of Registration is not cancelling the PoA?


Arvind (Executive Director)     15 March 2013

Kindly help us to come out of the forged Power of Attorney. We are also interested to punish the culprits as well as Government Officials who involved in the scame.

Advocate RAHUL C. CHHATBAR (ADVOCATE)     15 March 2013

please file civil suit and file criminal case u/s 420,463,464 of indian penal code.


Arvind (Executive Director)     16 March 2013

We appreciate for your kind direction to deal with this. We are going to invest the money in fixed deposit fot the educational purpose of poor and orphaned children. Annai. Indira Bhat is having good heart to see the results are reaching the right beneficiaries. Husband Dr. D. N. Bhat donated his kidney and eyes, the people are live. In a learned civil society people like you must come forward to support good causes.

Thanks for your interest as well as kindness,


ajithkumar   10 August 2016

Dear All,

My father had purchased a land in late 70s. The original document is still under his posession. In the year 2006 he applied for patta. The patta in his name was obtained. On physical verification we found that the land is still vacant. Now when we checked  EC till  the current period, we found that my father together with a power agent(A) had sold the land to 2 persons (B&C) on the same date by subdividing the land into two halfs. Then later after one year both (B & C) together sold the land to a single person (D). The power as claimed is nver given to any body and all the original documents and patta is availabel in our posession. Please advice me on the next move? what is the quick way to resolve the forged documents? will the forgery come under civil or criminal case? on what head should we fiel teh FIR so as to get earcly action?Please help me out

adv.bharat @ PUNE (Lawyer)     14 August 2016

please file civil suit and file criminal case u/s 420,463,464 of indian penal code.



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