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Abhishek Das (Corporate Sales manager)     13 January 2013

False allegations by women on man creating mental tourcher .

This is a common case found nowdays that women mis useing law, such as false dowry cases under sec 498 a causing mental harresment. Is it punishable by the law ?

Same in my case my wife married me and after 10 days left me alone and started spreading rumours that she was tourchered, and asked for divorce and heavy compensation. and latter on when it was discovered she did this for her boyfriend she and her family  latter on filled false allegations on me on grounds of impotency and asking the court to nullify the marriage, so that she can go along with her boyfriend. we never had any physical  relation with her after geting married.  

So its just want to know if we win the case is the lady punisable by the court fof law for ffiling alse allegations on me and creating mental tourcher for me and my family and for spereading a bad name for my family. will the court of law provide justice to me by bringing the reality out and punishing her spoiling my life ? Is there any such sec where she is charged for the same, as today with this incident i have completely lost my faith and honor in the society. Will this be restored ?


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Ranee....... (NA)     13 January 2013

If you can win the case then you can get divorce easily as false case is a ground of divorce with no maintenance and alimony.

Abhishek Das (Corporate Sales manager)     13 January 2013

Ranee.. thanks for the reply, but my aim is not divorce as i know i will be geting it. I just want that lady to be punished for pulling is false allegations on me and spoiling my life and taging me a divorce,my trust is all shattered today. i got married at the age of 29, and till i get the verdict i will be 30+. who return me my age which i have lost for her. please can i have a verdict is she punisable for all this. As if i was a cu;prit, police wud put me behind bars or i wll have to pay allumuny, why then not women ?

498 A fighter (Advocate)     20 January 2013

MR. Abhishek das i am alsosailing on the same baot ant lot of   young man are with us facing same i also lost my golden time i marriaed at the age of 34 my wife problem is ego only anyway i m facing 498 A since 2009 mena time she came to me live with me and deliveered a baby and again left since june 2011 it was more tortures i missed the childhood of my daughter so keep patinece first win  498 a case and teach a lesson to her by counter cases,

how to file counter case lot of LC I member will guide  , but for that we also have to tale pain so if you are ready to take such pain then  we can teach leasson  to such curel bitc**s.

Abhishek Das (Corporate Sales manager)     20 January 2013

well in my case my marriage was a fraud. the family married ther daughetr wth true intensions but the lady had no such intensions and wanted to marry for divorce and compensation. so they filled false allegations of impotency providing that i am not marraigable. So i wanted to know is there any clause wher a women is punisable for ruining my life for her criminal intensions ? trust me there is no answer yet. Is it we young guys have to march to india gate for modification in marriage law. trust me that day no women wil suport this cause. 

Abhishek Das (Corporate Sales manager)     20 January 2013

Ranee i am awaiting ur reply.. i knw i wnt be charged for alumuny, nd wll get thats not mu moto now.. is that treacheous lady punishable for spoiling my life and tagging me a 2nd hand divorcee..!!! trust me i am called so...!!!

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