Escape from all hindu marriage act is to becomes muslim?

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Can one Hindu person on which 498A , DV case 125CRPC etc etc  n no of cases filed.

but escape from all those Hindu Act he change religion from hindu --> Muslim

CAn it save from all laws and punishment?

its just hypothetical Question . please let me know ,,

it can solution for all those Hindu laws against Hindu men?





boss your question was tried into practise by a couple having extra marital affair and fought till apex court.
now the hindu guy who converted to muslim just for marrying was proved intentionally malafide intentions and tried and punished under bigamy is now behind bars


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the reply given above does not fit into context.

You need to understand that criminal including IPC (including 498a and 304b) and DV Act and Dowry Act apply to all religions.

There is no escape from these laws merely by conversion to other religion even for future allegation and you want retrospective exemption?


At the time of crime he was hindu ; becom muslim can not abolish crime!कबूतर के आँख मीचने से बिल्ली गायब नहीं हो जाती है

There is no escape from these sections because these all 498A ipc, DV & crpc 125 are criminal in nature and equally applicable to all religion.Therefore don't think for conversion engage a lawyer of your area and fight your case on their merits.
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But all people i need to ask 1 question here.

now on me 498A and DV Case is register ,if i want to remarry 

then converting to Islam is solution ?

you take example of dharmendra and hema malini.

for getting married they converted to islam.


1. Hahahaha......boss thts a high profile incidence. 2. The legal wife of that superstar got a lump sum and the battle was a stalemate. 3. Yours is not. 4. Keeping a concubine for wordly desires is prohibited but not illegal until the marriage is registered. 5. So if wife not cohabiting, there's a choice of live ins happening in all metros now a days as metro wife's are more attracted to dv nowadays. 6. Read in between lines, you'll get the answers suggested by a few people now a days to the miserable husbands only.

@Ashok , software engg,


Then .............. To escape from "gender biased laws" why don't you consider changing/converting your gender!!! 


And ................  498a, DV, crpc 125 ... all are not falling under "personal laws" based on religion!!!


And also ............... 'at the time of offense' if 'person who's a guilty of offence' is 'sane' then it doesn't matter what happens to him afterwards .....  he is not absolved even if afterwards he becomes 'insane'! he is cured first and then subjected to punishment !!!!







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