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Aruna   25 August 2015

Enquiry on contested divorce

I am seeking for a divorce from my wife of 11 years, but she is not willing to sign the papers. What are the options available for me to get a divorce from my wife? 


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G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     25 August 2015

Your query is lack on information regarding the grounds on which you sought for divorce


Gentleman come out with the case history to get the desired suggestions from the legal experts.

A.Radha Sampath (Advocate)     25 August 2015

If your wife is not agreeing to your proposal , you have to file for divorce on contesting grounds

SuperHero (Manager)     25 August 2015

11 Years of marriage. Try to reconcile or go for Counselling..

Aruna   26 August 2015


I was never keen in the marriage from day one.. but for the sake of my parents and society i got married. But then, now i feel that i never loved her for me to continue living with her. 

i am willing to give her settlement, but i came to know through my friends, without her consent it is not easy for me to get a divorce... 

are there any loop holes in this? for me to win the case? if yes, how much time does it take? and can i remarry after that? 

Aruna   26 August 2015

continuation to my last post, i work for US based company and my daily job requires me to meet clients, attending corporate dinners etc, but my wife is not someone who i can bring along with given that she does not converse in English neither does she know how to socialise. These have been our issues from the time we got married, i took the efforts of enrolling her into language class, to which she was not interested with. 

i am not able to have a decent conversation with her, as her general knowledge is very shallow, and i truly feel she is a mismatch for my personality. 

can the above be considered as valid reasons for my proposal of getting a divorce? 


Got married for the sake of parents and society,that's a criminal mistake U have committed,ruining the life of a woman.Today U are saying UR life is ruined and would opt for a divorce, that too after a period of 11 yrs of marriage.

From U R entire query it is learnt that except for the fact that she is uneducated and lacking knowledge,nowhere U have mentioned about her behaviour.That's a good sign.Comming to a conclusion that she is a mismatch after 11 yrs is unpardonabe.

All these yrs you could have got her better education,knowledge in english and corporate manners,U have not done it.

Hence to conclude with the reasons cited by U are not good enough to opt for a divorce.

Better get proper counselling and lead a happy marital life rather than inviting legal problems in future which could drag U to the steps of police stations and courts,wasting UR valuable time and money.

As an elderly person this is my humble advice.


Nowhere in UR entire query U have mentioned about UR children.

Aruna   26 August 2015

hi sainath, 

thank you for the reply...we have 2 kids together..to be very honest, i am seeing another person, who truly understands and fits me as a individual. 

i am planning to get married to that person. 


At outset U should not address the legal experts as Hi etc,being employed in a corporate firm,U should have known the way of addressing.So U R prepared to leave UR 2 kids as orphans to fend for themselves.A true father.

U are already seeing a truly understandable person  who will fit into UR colourful life.

U know how long will it take if U file for divorce right now? Do U know what would be UR position if Ur wife files Dowry case,498A and dv cases against U, and how long would it take to conclude? Do U know once she files 498A U and UR family members would be arrested or else U have to go for AB?

After answering my questions if U still feel confident to get rid of UR wife and find an understandable person, U are free to do so.

SuperHero (Manager)     26 August 2015

@Aruna - You won't listen to anyone. I guess roaming courts would be the choice you will have, where you will round table conferences and lunches in court premises and with no proper toilets in court.

Poor kids, My Sympathies for You. 

There is a Saying - A Washerman is better than an Educated person.

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