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Dear Experts,

My name is balu, I live in Hyderabad. I got married first time in 2007 and due to some circumstances my first wife left me and never returned. I filed the divorce and she hasn't replied, so I got divorce as exparty.

In 2014 I got marriaed to another girl and we were togather for an year, now my first wife returned and asking me to rejoin with her as she was miss guided and show flase proofs about me by her parents.

Now I can't understand what to do, when I ask my second wife she replied to me saying that she is fine to live with her, but she don''t like to ignore her.

Can I live with wives or do I need file a case on my first wife. The problem is my first wife is making emotional black mail and she can't live without me.

Plesae suggest me whether a hindu can live with two wives?


Venkat P

Advocate & Solicitor at Law

You can as long as neither of them approaches the court

Instructor @ Calcutta (rockysmith4calcutta@gmail.com)

Please don’t stay with your first wife as she is not you wife anymore and hence she can’t anything wrong if you don’t marry her again. Please never marry her again.


Ideally, you can stay with both the girl unless you marry 2nd time without desolation of your 1st marriage however, it is not recommended at this stage.


Please stay with your 2nd wife who is a valid wife at this stage and stay happy.


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1) When ur devorced wife left about 9 years ago, now in the name of emotional blackmail, if u wish to live with divorced wife again, particularly when u have second married wife living, it tantamounts to biogamy, a criminal offence.



2) U are now leading a happy life with ur legally wedded second wife.  Even if the second wife accepts the first one illegally in the begining, but both continues to live with u, any one of the wives in due course if complains will land u in trouble may also be a plan of the first wife sometimes against u.



3) If u are mentally strong, no emotional blackmails can ever trap u again into viscious circles on which u should be extremely cautious and be not prey to such illegal actions.  Number of other problems like illegitimate children rights in the property etc. may crop up in future.


If you are a Muslim, your  attempt to co-reside with two wives is, I guess, acceptable. You probably need to consult a fellow Muslim. But... if you are not, then the thought that two women, in modern times, want to live with you as you wives sounds like fiction or a recipe for future legal troubles.  You may have fun in the short run (I can barely imagine what type...) but even if they do not run to Courts, managing their conflicts and other issues will be a nightmare. So, forget about the first wife. You are divorced... its over. Done.. Finished. Move on with the second wife... You need multiple women to satisfy you physically, have an affair... but two wives. Bhool jaa....


Dear Experts, Thank you very much for your valuble suugessions. it really helpful to me. Also I want to clarify few details and my doubts: Details:

1. I am not looking to live with two wives and I know it is very difficult to manage two ladies. Moreover it is out of my interest. Also mentally very strong person.

2. I am a hindu and very strong beleiver of my tradition, so I won't change my religion for temporary happiness or struggle.


1. If I reject my first wife what type troubles she cna create to me at this stage.

2. If she took any drastic decission either to her life (if it is on me not a problem) what will be impact on me and my deppendents.


Venkat P





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