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priya (student)     01 July 2011

Daughter beats up father's Keep in Police station

 Mathura, Jul 1 : There was drama inside a police station in Mathura on Thursday, when a daughter bashed up her father's second wife in front of the cops.

The girl bashed up Suman who is clandestinely married to her  doctor-father S K Rajoria. Rajoria married Suman, almost half his age, while she was working at his clinic. 

The matter came to light when Suman’s family registered a complaint against Dr. Rajoria for abducting her at a police station in Mathura. 

When both of them reached the police station Dr. Rajoria’s furious daughter, who was already present,  bashed up his second wife Suman. 

When  the doctor was asked about  his second marriage, he compared himself with Lord Krishna and said, “Krishnaji ne bhi kiya tha…Rukmini ko rakha…Radha ko bhi rakha…”  (Lord Krishna also did the same. He married Rukmini and Radha both


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gaury..fight to win (Education)     01 July 2011

gud job by the  daughter.I appreciate her. They (modern krishna n radha) should be kneel down in weekly market!!

Some things can not be interpreted by law only!!

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     01 July 2011

in the absence of laws to punish such women,the man's family members will take law into their own hands.


however much people fight for the so called "rights" of such women,they will never get any respect in society.


no wonder,this newspaper also uses the word K*** while referring to her....what to say of the man's affected family members.

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Priya,please don't get ideas from this news.


Please don't become as bold as this daughter.


Please don't beat your father's k***.





Originally posted by :Princess
Priya,please don't get ideas from this news.


Please don't become as bold as this daughter.


Please don't beat your father's k***.







ha ha ha ...

such persons(modern krishna) should be.........................!!!!!!!!!!

then other Characterlesss men will think 100 times going marry Radha/meera/rukmini/.....or...........keep.

priya (student)     03 July 2011

why not? She shud b beaten! Bt tym wil tel wdr it wl b frm police or god or me.

Jamai Of Law (propra)     03 July 2011

1. Polie won't and shound't beat her ... they can take the law in hand.

They just looked great 'being a mere spectators' in that video new footage!!!


2. God .... not much idea


3. Me (i.e. you) ..... You shouldn't beat her ....


Did she DARE TO BASH UP her father??
Nahi na...darpok!! haha...Double standards of Indian women are visible from this CHEAP ACT. Keep supporting the MAN, beat up his multiple concubines.

WAAHHH! how courageous and bold the daugher is, na....


and the dad of course is Krishna...uske saamne ghee aur laddoo chadao....ROFL...what say PRIYA

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     03 July 2011

what will happen if the dad is bashed up?


he will at the most apologize or run away.


if he aplogizes,well and good.but if the k*** is adamant about not leaving the dad and continues to stalk him despite so much tamasha happening,as in priya's family's case,she ought to be taught a lesson.


it is natural that despite our family members' flaws,we are ready to forgive them.the girl priya must be loving her dad despite his flaws,and is ready to forgive him despite his infidelity.


but it's only possible when the k*** also leaves him.

priya (student)     03 July 2011

even if i take legal action he's sayn he cud suicide or mom's thnkng he wud run away ,so mom's sayng most hsbnds who hv keep run away,bt atleast he's here n smday keep myt get bore of him n go away.

Ravinder Kumar (Account Director)     03 July 2011

@Author; Your mother talks maturity, and I think this is the best way to avoid further problems in life...

Best wishes

priya (student)     04 July 2011

let us assume that he runs away with 1) the house gifted by nanaji is in mother's name n its writn in will that it cant be sold 2) the dadaji's house is in the name of tauji only(and they all support us on this problem). 3)all our cash is in GIRVI business which is pledged by jewellry of borowers and it is kept safely in our 3 room house. so basically he cant take away much money..and it is 99% assumed that keep will be unhappy when she wont get MONEY - the basic reason of all this. so i think and believe that these threats are just to save her from legal action and to make that fear in mom's mind permanently. nd for the suicide threat he knows after this only that keep will be held guilty by us and law so he would NOT do that.. so its all just a hoax and nothing else..and a restraining order is a must i believe,and will do after i can support the family.

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     04 July 2011

Laws in India are to give swords to every citizen against the other so that Politicians could sit with ease and bake "chapati" for their life.


No politians wants to turn the coin and see the other side of the story. I wonder why it is not a crime for a woman to be the second wife of a married man but the man be punished for bigamy? Also there is no adultery for a woman but agains the same act with the same lady was adultery for a man?? If the wife commits suicide within 7years of marriage then its dowry death but when a man commits suicide???


Politicians divided us not only based on religion but castes and also on GENDER....




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