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N K Jain (.Asso. prof. Mathematics)     19 August 2013

Corruption in judiciary


Corruption within Judicial system of India.




The course of justice in often perverted by corruption within judiciary and indeed within the entire system of administration of justice. This is exacerbated by the total lack of accountability of the of the judges and lack of effective discipline mechanism due to public scrutiny. I am submitting some example below for your comment.




1)Part of order of the family trail court Judge.---Attempt are made during cross- examination of the petitioner\ husband that he is suffering from mental sickness-----Therefore it cannot held that he is suffering from mental sickness.




Comment—The judge has undermined the seriousness of the false allegation. made by wife. In fact it is the intention to assassinate and an attempt to destroy the character and image of the person in the well educated society to take the revenge and harass the husband to fulfill her illegal demands it is a severe act denied by Judge.


  1. order of family trail court judge---Petitioner\husband during cross- examination that in his earlier divorce proceeding against his first wife ran away from his house .petitioner\husband has not explained the reason behind his first wife leaving the house . This portion of admission in cross-examination certainly adds in volume of his \temperament.


comment---Here the judge overlooked that the first wife had taken the divorce by mutual consent and no cross-examination etc. was performed during the proceeding. And the validity of any documented was not tested during the time of the first the how these document become relevant for defining


the temperament of the husband. The judgment based on gesture and imagination and therefore erroneous.




  1. order of family trail court judge-----Though she admits during cross-examination that she lodged police complaint her evidence would show that the said complainant was nothing but an act to set criminal law in motion-----As already refereed to above there was no malafide intention on the part of respondent\wife to see that the petitioner\ husband is kept behind bar.


Comment---Here also the judge ignored the danger created by 498a women and not realized the motive of the respondent\ wife and took erroneous occlusion based on verbal evidence and ignored all


the material evidence based on happening events.


She contends in her petition of objection that her husband is a divorcee was not brought to her notice, where as it is a universal well known fact that to choose the life – partner for marriage is a serious matter .She came to the house of petitioner\ husband with her mother and her relatives several times to meet the husband’s house . which is at a distant of three hours drive from her residential house .In her cross-examination the learned lawyer of petitioner\husband's has several photographs and affidavit of mutual divorce of the first wife was also submitted in Exp2 the material evidence before trail court. Judge overlooked and and ignore all Material evidence all the document for the reason known to himself.




My status of 498a case.-- In the duration of nearly three and half years , my wife has appeared only on two dates of trial courts. Judge is giving the dates of very long duration of six months and two and half


  1. months without any hearing .Thus my case is still running without any valid reason, I am unnecessarily being dragged in fabricated false case.

Submitted for your comments.


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Ranee....... (NA)     19 August 2013

Judges try to save marriages.

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