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one wife (NA)     18 July 2013

Can i get share of my husbands property

I was married before 1 and half year. I left to my home in one week.

I asked husband ot stay in my home as he have a brother to take care of his parents.

He refused and he filed restitution of conjugal rights in court.

I told in court that husband is harrasing me and beating me.  He now taken back restittion petition and filed divorce on cruelty.

His father is having a house in his name which is ancestral property.

Can i claim share in this property with new law that will be effective from next month.

Can I claim also maintenance along with property share ?

I am willing to stay with husband in my home. Else divoce is the preferred way.


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Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     18 July 2013

From what you have written I think you need a marriage councellor more than lawyers or court as you are ruining your marriage yourself.

Legally speaking as far as share in husband's family property is concerned then, you cannot claim any share in it and if your husband proves that you have deserted him then you may not get maintainance also.

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one wife (NA)     18 July 2013

Intially it was my fault i was nto able to adjust. My husband has become very anger and slapped me when we met one one friends house.

I think our marriage is broken and can not be repaired. also now i dont feel comfortable to go there.

i was thinking if i can get new law passed, it will help me financially to get his part of property.

I am saying in court that he beaten me so left him, so he can not prove desertion and i can get maintanance.


I would have killed you if you were my wife...thank god your husband was much more civilised.

Have a Heart Foundation (Sales & Mktng)     18 July 2013

You need to see a psychologist / psychiatrist.. 

God Save Her Husband !


Ramesh (administrator)     18 July 2013

ya you need counselling.  



dhruv (other)     19 July 2013

This is the stereotype of women approaching courts with DV, 498a these days in 90% cases.

Shame on you OP. My wife is worse than you.

pankajk (business)     19 July 2013

This lady is more interested in property and maintenance than the husband. Good luck..

Pooja (mom)     19 July 2013

You seriously need to go for counselling. Marriage is a long term commitment. Relationships cant be broken like this, without any solid reason. Forgive your husband if he did something to you in anger. Give him a second chance. Stay together with him for 1-2 years and try to patch up differences. If you both still feel that divorce is the only solution to your problem, then sit together and decide about future course of action.

But please dont ruin your own and his life like this, by taking hasty decisions.


Her parents are the real culprits. Its bad upbringing on their part.

fighting back (exec)     19 July 2013

@one wife..........I think, instead of calling your self 'one wife' you should call your self 'one prostitute' you dont have an ounce of shame left in you and you admit in the open forum that


"i was thinking if i can get new law passed, it will help me financially to get his part of property.

I am saying in court that he beaten me so left him, so he can not prove desertion and i can get maintanance.


it is because of women like you that marriage is dreaded by young men, the innocent men are 'slaughtered' in courts by the indian laws which are mostly drafted by b*itches of womens rights group, and women like you want to live like parasites on the poor husband,

what wrong has be said that he doesnt want to stay separate, it is a hindu tradition that woman has to stay with the husband wherever he wants to stay, she has to accompany him, why did you marry in the first place?


you could be better off by being a 'bar dancer' and earning loads of money in one night itself, instead of harrassing your poor husband,,


@ One Wife.........becuase of such wives like you, a civilized husband will become a criminal husband very soon in future.


mujhe samjh nahi mana one wife is wrong..ab sab tab kidar mar jate ho jab husband apni wife ko chod deta hain...


@ one wife,

It's not your fault it's fault of biased law which has given power to even ask these type of questions regarding sasural-e-sare-am to your husband and husband's family for extortion or else you will drag them in false cases.

Paise toh jarur haasil kar logi aye laachar bebas majboor aurat pad wahi paisa waqt padne pe tumhe tanha aur akela chod jayega.......!


juab ek husband apni wife ko chod kar bhag jata hai..ya use ghar se nikal deta maar peet to kisi ki jaban band ho jati us husband ko dalal ya hijadra kyu nahi kahte ho..abhi to sabhi ko badi pareshani ho rahi hain...ek aurat aisa kaise kar sakti hain..jab har roz ek aadmi apni biwi ko kabhi pregnant halat me..kabhi maar peet kar..kabhi ye NRI husband 1 month ki shadi ke baad he chod har bhag jate aap sab kidar hote ho..

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