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sr officer -Technical TCIL




The Honorable Chief Justice of India


Dear sir,


With due respect to our Constitution &our deep faith in the valued Constitutional Bodies  Namely, Calcutta High Court & NHRC to protect our fundamental Rights as well as to issue the necessary Writs for the Enforcement of our fundamental Rights & there by to protect   the Right to Live hood of the poor employees of Tyre Corporation of India Ltd, Kolkata (& their unfortunate  family members, around 1000 lives ) who remained unpaid for the last 73months since 2012 November by the Model Employer , DHI-GOI in this beautiful largest democracy of the world , just in the pretext of liquidation- that not hold good for the State if it was the very state that pursuant to Nationalization Act  in 1984 taken over the erstwhile Inchek  Tyres & NRM  ( at kankinara & Tangra in Kolkata respectively ) was taken over by the Central Government,ostensible to ensure the social security –The Right to Live hood to the employees of the Company there by not jeopardized in the event of an imminent closure.


Now the undersigned herewith drawing your valued attention to the fact myself Apurba Saha Hazra( Sr .Officer-Technical in TCIL under Liquidation ) is the only earning member of my family And unless your good self consieder our case very sympathetically & releases the requisite Order as deemed appropriate& judicious by your valued Conscience, to SAVE our family comprising  my mother (cardiac Patient),70yrs. Old, daughter(student of B.Tech-Textiles) and my son (student of 1s year in Civil Engineering ) facing abject poverty as well as severe mental agony  following sever financial crunch due to nonpayment of our salary( under 92 pay scale) since Nov.2012- which is a serious violation of our article  12,21 &23 ( Right to live hood& right to work ) by  a Model Employer-GOI-the fact itself the greatest example of Intolerance& Indifference attitude of GOI to the immense sufferings of the family members of a CPSU employee in this vibrant democracy .And- All The employees likewise and their family members are facing unabated mental agony and abject poverty, remained half feed or starving for days& struggling for survival in a Dying Condition ,Many of their kith and kin died without proper treatment, children are compelled to discontinue their education, many of their houses are likely to auctioned by the concerned Bank Authorities ,after serving several notices toward non-payment of EMIs.And all this unfortunate situations are being faced  by the poor employees only because of the efficient functioning of DHI-DOD/ GOI towards the implementation of TCIL Disinvestment Act.2007 passed by the  Parliament in December 2007 to revive TCIL, with an employment guarantee for THREE years to the employees after the execution of disinvestmentAnd it is pertinent to mention that All the employees being the single and only earning member of my family, have crossed the Extreme limit to breaking strength of economy of our family ,and no longer in a position to run their family  as well as to bear the cost of education of of kids ( manyof them are doing their Education in Engineering & Medical also )any longer despite being an unfortunate employee of a CPSU 100 % owned by GOI. And the employees in general now being totally embarrassed at this stage after his 20 to 25 or 30 yrs. Sacred service to a CPSU .Myself joined TCIL through an all India basis  Exam in 1992 Under two yrs Training on Tech.Service and five yrs Post Training Bond service during the execution of a Rs123 crs new Project that received no working capital. And we people are being rammed between Governments indecision and soaring inflation/higher market price of essential commodities for we are being paid in 92 pay Scales despite having approval for 97 pay scale  by CCEAdt16/11/2008 wef. 1/04/2008 as incorporated in our DRS dt March2010.

 Accordingly  to get rid out of the problem we effectively communicated several times to all the officials from PM to PI-GOI since2014 January but remained unpaid. Yes we positively not demonstrated any where in the public Places against the misdeed of DHI- GOI ,in the perspective of TCIL, we haven’t set fire in the buses, trains or in any Public Property, we haven’t blocked the Roads, stopped the Trains for hours or cut the water supply chain any where in India causing inconvenience to  the common Public of India to exhibit our democratic Power , we haven’t burnt the effigy of honorable PM-PI-FM &ofMinister of DHI  to express our hatred to  the Rotten system of India, covered with the curtain of Corruption that led  us (the poor employees & their family members ) to the present , ruined decaying financial  status .But we the Lawabiding Poor Citizen employees  of TCIL knocked the door of Indian Judiciary system at the cost of everything we had, &  in turn the DHI-GOI  purportedly Avoiding the recommendations of NHRC ( dt 25/5/2015,27/8/2015&28/1/2016 25/4/2016 )& valued orders of Calcutta High Court dt 20/03/2014,1/12/2015 ,28/01/2016 & final oder29/3/2016.directs the DHI-GOI to make the payment immediantly within 30 days .And even afer 100 of those valued order of  CAL-HC dt 29/3/16 & that of NHRC,dt 29/4/16Poor Employees are still unpaid ,prompting us to end our lives in incineration.


Apropos to above situation we once again requesting the favor of Your valued Execution to ASdvise Our Honorable PM Mr Narendra MODI Ji  For his valued disposal  Through CCEA ( In light of Sanction of VRS to the Employees of Hindustan Vegetable Oil Corporation , Under Liquidation in May 2016 , by CCEA  )to resolve the problem of 73monthhs unpaid around 1000 remaining employees( including their family members ) of TCIL through latest VRS Schemes of DHI ( for the sake of Humanity ) considering our immense suffering and unabated mental unrest of our family members .


With Regards.

Apurba Saha Hazra- Sr officer Technical,TCIL-under Liquidation


Attached File : 344566 20181226150401 hindustan vegetable oils corporation employees get revised vrs in lieu of its sickness the economic times.pdf downloaded 69 times
sr officer -Technical TCIL


The Secretary, Lawyearsclubindia,
Please do help us through your valued execution as deemed appropriateby your Conscience.
With regards.
Apurba saha hazra-  Mob7980143126



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