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sujnyanendra (Proprietor)     16 March 2015

Authenticity of data or legal identity of data on a website

I want to publish data on my website which would probably be utilized in the courts of law or any other place, as an evidence. I wish to know that if the copy of the data is submitted before any court, how would it's legal identity be authenticated. Can I digitally or by any other way authenticate the data? As per the provisions of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, computer print out could be a legal evidence. I want to know how to authenticate that document so as the court or any legal entity may accept it as an evidence.


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What's UR profession.In UR profile U have mentioned U R a proprietor, What way R U connected with legal aspects.

sujnyanendra (Proprietor)     18 March 2015

Oh! Let me counter you with that my LEARNED FRIEND. Your Profile Image has a picture of Lord Shiva, how is that you are a Legal Consultant ? :)

Let me bring you back on track. You quote me with reasons; not the evasive one like you have asked above, that only Legal Consultants are allowed to have legal aspects and general public, a layman or for instance a proprietor has not authority to know law or matters related to it. I will bet I will counter you on that.

By the way, this a forum, and you are supposed to answer to the query posted by a member, if you are not sure you can answer, just be it and search for a query where you can literally answer one.

Thanks, but no thanks.


Dear Mr. Querist, 

As a lay man U can post your queries and get replies from the experts,and U have no right to question their authority. Ur response to my answer is very immature for a person to know legal aspects. This is  forum dealing in legal matters which are at times very sensitive. No court will accept anything put on a private website,and this very much my opinion. Dear Mr. Proprietor, check UR language when U R replying back.

mahendra limaye (Cyber Legal Consultant)     18 March 2015

Dear friend ,whatever you publish on a website can or cannot be having value in evidence depends on the facts of matter.Your wish is that it should be blindly accepted in courts as evidence which is not possible.

R.G. Singh (Intern)     18 March 2015

 Hello sujnyanendra,  you are correct that a computer printout can be presented as evidence. However, you need to understand the context in which the computer printout can be taken as evidence.  Only in the cases where the source is computer itself and not something where the computer was merely acting as a display unit for XYZ website.

Please understand the “spirit” and don’t be fooled by the words of the electronic evidence. Imagine you write a book, now you want that whatever you mention in that paperback should be taken as evidence in the court of law for anything mentioned in it. My question to you, will such a book be taken as evidence for all the data that’s published in it?

 Another way to look at this is, do you know of any personal website which has evidentiary value for all the documents it has published quoting data or information from other sources?  You may say Wikipedia, but try quoting Wikipedia in a court, it will not be taken as evidence because its managed by wiki authors and they rely on primary sources like published research papers as well as newpapers, which cannot be used as evidence. I am a wiki editor, so I know what I am talking about here J

 I hope you have got answer by now. 

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     19 March 2015

The querist in the name of legal query is trying to update his academic knowledge, well he can very well do it, but he should have some patience and control over his language while addressing the experts here.  He should maintain decency in his language while replying back.  He cannot demand a reply from anyone here because the experts here are not his paid servants.

In fact Mr. R G Singh has given a a proper explanation to his query, hope this solves his quest?,


Rightly replyed by Mr.Kalaiselvan

sujnyanendra (Proprietor)     23 March 2015

Thanks a lot everyone who guided me to find a solution for the above query. I specially thank Mr. R. G. Singh for his detailed expressions on the topic. 

Thank you all.

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