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Asking apology from inlaws

Page no : 2

Rahim (okok)     30 September 2014


T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     30 September 2014

The question about you apologizing her and her parents is a decision to be taken by you based on the past experiences and events. If you consider this to be a genuine one, go ahead or if suspect it be another foul play played by them to trap you in many more issues, better be careful this time and remain silent for a pretty long time so that they will come out with their true color by then by losing their patience. You are a better judge of the situation.

Rahim (okok)     01 October 2014

If you have stayed seperate for 2 years what will you get by getting such a wife who has managed to live WITHOUT you confortably for 2 years?.

sagar jadhav (employee)     01 October 2014

Originally posted by : Rahim

If you have stayed seperate for 2 years what will you get by getting such a wife who has managed to live WITHOUT you confortably for 2 years?.

well said

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     01 October 2014

God appears to have been kind enough and offered you re-union.

Rahim (okok)     01 October 2014


NATARAJAN IYER (Proprietor)     20 November 2014

once upon a time, a baby was adopted by some monkeys. the baby grew up into a charming young lady.

a prince saw her once and both of them liked each other and they got married.

but the charming young lady had a condition " if i have to marry you, these monkeys too will be with me  ".

he said " ok, but let them be on the other side of the compound wall since we need our privacy "

she said ' ok '.

but slowly in due course of time, either one monkey would jump the compound wall and come into the family, trouble and run away or two monkeys would come.

during festivals, all monkeys would come...

slowly, when they got used to him, they started taking him for granted and started pulling his hair.

in two years he became bald.

he then decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

so, he kept a stick ready and hit each monkey whenever it came this side of the compound wall.

slowly one fine day, the monkeys stopped coming.

so, if you USE THE RIGHT MENTAL STICK ( many times silence, sometimes artificial anger, sometimes harsh words, sometimes ignoring,...etc ) to keep them at PROPER DISTANCE, one fine day, THEY WILL STOP TROUBLING.


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