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Anna's Foot Soldiers

Swami Agnivesh has done the right thing dis-associating from the Team Anna which is seen trying to blackmail a democratically elected govt at the centre. Why to stage dharna at New Delhi and question the credentials of Congress elected members only?


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why NOT to question the credentials of congress? Your logic seems flawed. Next time police catches a thief what if the thief says "First catch all other thieves only then catch me"

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     26 June 2011

This Govt., and ministers are shameless persons, what will happen if PM  and high level officers included in the Lok Pal Bill.  These Cong-I govt., is committed to destroy india.  They don't have thinking capacity.  They have got only Kapil Sibal, Digvijaysing ( who don't know what he talks) and others.  God only save our country. 

Annji has clearly said their stand, why this govt., is hesitating.  If they have got any sense or committment towards nation because they born in this country, they have earned lot.  They should be greatful to this country, otherwise no one will execuse them.

Why to stage dharna at New Delhi and question the credentials of Congress elected members only?

Except these congress members everybody is interested to implement the Lok Pal.  And 99% of Cong-I party members have got balck money and Lok pal is implemented Cong-I will never come in power.

  Note it down please, it is dream to Cong-I govt., ,to form a govt in the centre in future.  It has to megre in some local parties. 

Please Guess in which party it will be merged in future.

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pradip shah (partner)     26 June 2011

Well said, Umaji & Rajivji.I totaly agree with your view.

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Ramanathan G (Independent practice)     28 June 2011

1. The movement by Anna Hazare, Swami Ramdev etc are very good for India. Someone joins or discontinues from that makes no difference about such movements. However, till now no-one spoke the reality of how to prevent Corruption. As the first step, in India, there should be proper Insurance about Medical, Litigation etc expenses; so that Advocate Fees etc will not depend upon the success/ failure of the cases, and the system of Percentage Lawyers to be brought to an end, being percentage lawyers is the first step of Lobbying, the first step to Corruption. 2. Please note that, the Judges do not permit files to go out of their Chamber, due to fear of Advocates Association, if the Advocate alleges that Fees is not yet paid by the Client. Even most honest Judge will not release file, if the Advocate will complain that, releasing the file will result in Client obtaining Certified copy and he will not get any fees thereafter. Whether it is also not Lobbying ? but who is at fault – Advocate who accept Case relying upon the Result, or the Client who want to cheat the Advocate after the case is won ? In that case, can we accuse Judge to show partiality to the Advocate, at the cost of Litigant ? 3. Ask similar questions about Doctors, Engineers etc and you will know, even if a lot of Social Activists starve to death, the corruption will not come to an end – because Indians do not want to pay to hard working persons, but they want to pay only to Lobbying persons. 4. Please initiate steps to provide Fees to the Advocates, from each and every clients; even outside the Free Legal Aid schemes of the Govt. Also, bring Drugs values transparent to ensure that Doctors will not get percentage of Drugs prescribed and Sold. Next thing is about Engineers, about transparency in their projects. Once all the PERCENTAGES will come to an end, the Mission Corruption by Indians will come to an end. 5. Without realizing that, why to waste time and money, to stop Corruption, is not understood. G.Ramanathan, Advocate

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