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AEJAZ AHMED (Legal Consultant/Lawyer)     05 April 2010






Knowledge is Power and its power increases manifold if it is shared and distributed. We, at Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd, shared this belief from within and hence ventured on creating platforms for sharing of knowledge amongst professionals. For us Internet with its potent reach and easy accessibility proved to be sent from heaven.

Thus was launched, an interactive platform for Lawyers and Indian Public in Feb'2008. Initially it was a site meant for knowledge sharing among Lawyers but later with its gaining popularity it spread its wings amongst the whole Legal professional's community. Today Lawyersclubindia provides its 45,000 plus members with a gamut of services like:

·         A platform for interaction with persons of their own fraternity.

·         Updates on various issues in the Legal world (mostly relevant to Lawyers, Advocates, General Public)

·         Most recent advancement/reviews/discussions in current Legal issues.

·         The facility to maintain their profile and communities and be in touch with their peers by just logging on to the site

We are glad to have the who's who of the legal world on board with us guiding us in our future endeavours. We are continuously in the process to deliver 'The Best' to our esteemed members and thank each one of them in making Lawyersclubindia, a grand success.


Term of Services:


1.      Type of Content on the Site

The information available on this Site, including, without limitation, reviews, opinions, directions, guides, graphics, photographs, logos, audio or video clips, and data (collectively "Content")





Mr. Raj Kumar Mukkad has misused this forum to abuse Islam and Muslims, under the pretext of Taslima Nasreen . Right to speech doesn’t permit any person to abuse or hust any religion including Islam and Muslims with their religious faith. I am extremely pained and anguished about his views posted in this forum . I don’t think my learned friend Mr. Raj kumar Makkad why he has spread poison at Islam and Muslims, this may be his lack of knowledge and to understand Islam and Muslims



Respected Khaleel Sir please cool at first I hope that you would not mean my words as advocating to Mr Makkad Sir or Hinduism. I always hate to person who in the name of god spread ill feeling or argue on religion. Religion is not limited to particular sect as Hindu, Musim, Sikh or Cristian



In these days, Mr. Makkad appears to be less of a lawyer and more of a politician.  I am not averse if political discussion will be held unbiasedly but if a particular political party's line will be appreciated on each and every issue by the same person and becomes its mouth piece, then there will be threat of misuse of this web site.



I guess its not appropriate to discuss religious issues in this forum...Lets get back to to the real things for which this forum meant for...thank you


My request with admin to interfere in this matter, and kindly allow, check, review and then  post only those contents which are on the topic of legal knowledge and with the requirements of help on legal issues.


My humble request with the Admin, to HIGHLIGHT this posting for few days, if needed.


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Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     05 April 2010

without naming any lawyer or visitor or participant here, I do feel there have been few irrelevant posts being posted here on LCI.


I had to discontinue with my participation due to certain irrelevant posts....fewer times the remarks have been on religious terms, few challenged the competence of lawyers and few started advertising of the Ld. members writes his full office address prior to giving reply to the query (may be he is giving appearance in each and every court of India).....sometimes it feels like we have gone astray while pursuing to our purpose.


otherwise, we can not shift the whole burden upon the Administrator of this website, the participants must understand their respective responsibilities.  We must understand that it is a privately owned portal where we have been given opportunity to discuss law and to help fellow lawyers.


couple of months back there was a participant MUNSHI JI, this guy irritated a lot of members (on certain occasions to me as well) but few of his post were a bitter truth and showed the reality of legal practice.....that guy virtually guided me to avoid replying to certain irrelevant posts.


I have tried my level best to avoid controversies, though I had been a part of few, but if someone speaks anything absurd about any lawyer or for legal profession then I wont spare him.


So its my humble request to my Ld. friends, let us not be politician or religious leader or motivational thinker here.....lets confined to law in its practical form....we must discuss law and as far as possible lets be humble to each other.

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Manish Singh (Advocate)     05 April 2010

i havent gone through the contents of the msgs but whatever it may appears that it was wrongly made by our members n that practice must be clamped down on. we should respect the dignity of all religions /caste/creed along with our India which is termed as "Unity in Diversity"

Admin must take appropriate steps against the same.

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Manish Singh (Advocate)     05 April 2010

Mr. Aezaz and Mr. Kiran have raised very important issues which certainly need  to be looked on with greater care if we or the administrator of thsi site wishes to promote this site with respect and dignity..these kind of things should not be tolerable  and this is one of th main reasons why earlier members have decided to parted ways off this site..

the dilemmas raised by Mr. Kiran is also noteworthy and we must look upon the same as this is also a bif reason for our learned members to turn away from this Mr. Kiran is not seen frequently participating on this site quite often as he used to get into earlier days..the same happened to Mr. Thukral and Mr. Dixit and otehr leaned senior members.. we must work on it.

and the thing is that those who have hurt the sentiments of Mr. aezaz are the persons with short of knowledge tahts y they raise this kind of hatred things on public platforms.

i request u all to please broaden up ur perspective and start thinking that we all are same and cant be separated and in fact we (india ) can not move o unless we stick together and decide to move on..

please think over it.


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Admin (LawyersClubIndia Team)     05 April 2010

Dear friends,


Please do send us a private message about the links to the threads that are thought to be objectionable with reasons so that we can review the same and remove them if found to be so. We have been removing many objectionable threads which is brought to our notice. That apart we have also banned several members who have posted objectionable material in the site. Hence let there not be any apprehension to the members on this score. 


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Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     05 April 2010

highly thankful to the Admin for a quick response.....


on earlier occasions too, the Admin has taken sufficient steps in this regard.....but the members should also know their responsibility.

AEJAZ AHMED (Legal Consultant/Lawyer)     05 April 2010

Dear Admin


Thanks for not only taking the time to think importance this thread, but to reply as well.


Further I Thank you to everyone who made this possible for the intereference of admin.



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Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     05 April 2010

Perhaps , the post ' freedom of speech - Article 19' posted today by me may be of some help.Remove negativities and let us concentrate on being useful to each other in our legal problems/queries.

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Khaleel Ahmed (Legal Advisor)     06 April 2010

I have informed the admin several times through private  message. Admin have not responded me. Mr. Raj Kumar Makkad have been indulged to insult Islam and Muslims of the world on each and every petty issue.He has misused this forum delibrately.The Admin should check all his postings thoroughly and take appropriate steps against him. I expect Mr. Raj Kumar Makkad may tender appology unconditional to Muslims.

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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     07 April 2010

I am still a student of law and I have learnt many things from so many learned people of this forum irrespective of religion. I do not want any disturbance in this forum because of religious matters. I thank admninstrator for guaranty given to secure the interest of all. Let all leraned members unite and strive for the better environment in the forum which is most cherished by most of the mebers including me.

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Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     08 April 2010

Let all the learned brothers join hands to set a fine example to the society in respecting the sentiments and religious feelings of our brethren.  We are here only to proactively participate and gain knowledge and nothing else.  Thanks to ADMIN for his timely interference to resolve the matter.

NMP (nmp)     09 April 2010

Mr. Makkad,  seems highly prejudiced and one-tracked by his 7 day training session imparted by the RSS,  whose sole objective is to dis-orient & disrupt all classes of people.


Check out the following link, where Mr. Makkad, confirms his 7 day training session.

also check out following links to understand prejudiced mentality and herd supporters of such mentality










Adv.  nmp
Mumbai & Delhi

Solace (Legal Advisor)     09 April 2010

Beside the administrator`s assurance, the said makkad has not stoped his posting to defame other religions. Please check his new posting against christianity.

We hereby request  the web aministrator to take appropriate legal action against makkad to stop non sense positings. Other wise legal proceeding shall be initiated against the web owners.

Admin (LawyersClubIndia Team)     09 April 2010


Dear Raj Kumar Makkad,

Of late we have been receiving a number of complaints against you from the members regarding messages being posted by you hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims and Christians, thereby affecting the communal harmony of the site. 

Though we acknowledge the service done by you as being one of its top members, we would request you to avoid posting messages hurting the religious sentiments of other communities. 

As you know, the site is aimed at providing a platform for sharing  legal knowledge among the legal fraternity and the public and any deviation from this is unwelcome.

Hope you understand and co-operate.


Ankur Garg (Company secretary)     09 April 2010

Dear Admin,

Am really very glad to see your real time interaction with LCI members regarding their objections and complaints and congratulate you for the same.

As per my suggestion Mr. Raj needs to be banned for a very short time under deterrent policy. It is not a serious suggestion at all.

Best Regards

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