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Gundlapallis (Advocate)     10 January 2010

A Private matter !

It was a hot summer day, and the old courthouse was just as hot. The air was thick and humid, and the jury was having a hard time staying focused. One of the jurors succumbed to the heat, falling asleep just as the victim was being questioned by the prosecutor.
"The defendant is accused of making obscene phone calls to your home. Would you please tell the jury precisely what the defendant said when he called you," asked the prosecutor.

"I can’t do that," the victim replied. "It was so crude and disgusting. I can’t use language like that."

"Would it help to just write it down?"

The victim wrote out every detail of what the obscene caller had said, and passed the note to the judge. The judge read the note. It was then passed to the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and finally to the jury.

The sleeping juror was seated at the back corner of the jury box, and was the last to receive the note. He was awoken with a nudge from an attractive young juror, seated next to him, and she passed him the note. He read it, gazed in awe at the woman, and read it again. He turned to her, smiling broadly, and winked. He then put the note into his pocket.

The judge demanded, "Please pass that note to the bailiff."

"But your honor," the juror protested, "It’s a private matter."


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Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     11 January 2010

Ha ha ha.............Nice Sir.

Daksh (Student)     02 February 2010

Hi Venkat,

Great Stuff....

Here are a few inputs from my end....Hope you are going to like them...

Patni Chalisa......
1. Apni Biwi ko apni 100% kamai dene se 10% Sukh milta hai.
Kisi doosri ko apni kamai ka 10% dene pe 100% sukh milta hai
... Paisa apka ... Faisla apka ...

2. "Funny but true fact !!A woman worries about her future till she gets a husband,
A man never worries about his future until he gets a wife !! ..What do u say?

3. A Man before marriage is - Superman.
After Marriage - Gentleman.
5 Years Later - Watchman.
10 Years later - Apne Hi Jaal Mein fasaa hua Spiderman.

4. Life me hamesha Haste raho,muskrate raho, gaate raho, gungunate raho... taki tumhe dekh kar hi log samaj jaye k tum... "UNMARRIED" ho.

5. Wife- agar main kho gayi to tum kya karoge?
Husband - main TV aur newspaper mein Ad dunga ki jaha kahin bhi ho.....

6. Wife - Shadi ki raat tum ne jab mera ghunghat uthaya to kaisi lagti thi..
Husband - Mai to mar hi jata agar mujhe hanuman chalisa na yaad hoti..!!

7. Why love marriage is better dan Arranged???? B'coz a "KNOWN DEVIL" is better dan an "UNKNOWN GHOST".

8. Wife: main tumhari yaad mein 2O din mein hi aadhi ho gayi hoon, mujhe lene kab aa rahe ho?
HUSBAND: 2O din aur ruk jaao.

9. A man gave an add in Matrimonial column
He got 1000 replies all saying:-
"Meri Le Ja...!"
''Meri Le Ja...!''

10. Husband to Hotel Manager: "Jaldi chalo! meri biwi khidki se kud kar jaan dena chahti hai"
Manager: "What can I do?
Husband: "Kamine, khidki nahi khul rahi hai."

11. Every person is a FREEDOM FIGHTER ........
Immediately after Marriage !!

12. Telling a lie is a fault for a little boy, an art for a lover, an accomplishment for a bachelor and a Matter of Survival for a married man.

13. Woh kahte hain ki hamari biwi swarg ki Apsara hai,
hum ne kaha khushnaseeb ho bhai,
hamari to abhi Jinda hai...

Best Regards


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Adinath@Avinash Patil (advocate)     06 February 2010


Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     13 February 2010

patni chalisa good one

ad. creaminall (professional Advocate)     14 February 2010

very funny but trye. keep it up.

Daksh (Student)     19 February 2010

A man who had been caught embezzling millions from his employer went to a lawyer seeking defense. He didn't want to go to jail. But his lawyer told him, "Don't worry. You'll never have to go to jail with all that money." And the lawyer was right. When the man was sent to prison, he didn't have a dime.

Best Regards


Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     23 February 2010

lawyer is always right

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