Can a father filed domestic violence case on the behalf of

Can a father filed domestic violence case on the behalf of married woman


Objective type questions will not be answered here.


no a man can not file D.V against wife it is intended to safeguard women only not men in India.

gender biased law.



with due respect to reply of ld. member durgaprasad, queriest has specifically mentioned the relation btwn person and on whose behalf - father and married daughter.
interesting query.
if woman is not ready to file thn her fmly member in the pretext to save, if it is feasible.


Section 12 of DV Act states that an agreeved person or any other  person on behalf of agreeved person may present an application to the magistate seelking relef under this act.

There is no specific bar for gender according to section 12 of DV Act so a father can file a petition on behalf of his daughter. 



Yes, you can

An application regarding domestic violence can be presented to the magistrate seeking one or more reliefs mentioned in sections by:

  • The aggrieved person,
  • Protection officer on behalf of aggrieved person
  • Any other person on behalf of aggrieved person



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