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venkat chintapikkala (private employee)     29 October 2011


dear sir,

my wife is ready to cliam 498 on me and i heard that that husband can also a file a harrasment case on wife and in -laws is it correct. how can i fight as tit for tat .plz suggest me.


thanks in advance.


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Sanjeev (Lawyer)     29 October 2011

Dont think tit for tat if she files 498A you will be arrested there is no deadly case that you can file on her. Think about your protection first.

Alok Tholiya (self employed)     30 October 2011

Sanity,simplicity,honesty, being ready for worst and doing ur best r golden rules for life.

1. Why did u let ur marriage deteiriorate to this extent?

2. Why dont u settle issues amicably before 498a. If she was wrong then do u have evidence? If u r wrong then pay the blood money ( amt to settle issue amicably so that person affected / victim gets compansation and does not take revenge ) .

3. Do u think any criminal should be let loose??? Asking dowery, mental cruelty, taunting, abusing her relatives, extra marital relations, hiding vital facts/ sickness, disabilities are all crimes and should be dealy with accordingly or person not doing so be also punished for encouraging wrong doers and letting loose such people who can committ crime again . 

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     30 October 2011

you cannot file any case against your wife.

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     30 October 2011

Dear Ramganesh

section 498 is not related to hrrassment 498A IPC is related to cruelty. but only women is entitled to file the case/complaint. husband have no right in this regards.

Aishwarya (Teacher)     30 October 2011

its better u avoid this cruelty and seek help of elders or marriage counsellors before she does anything like this.. look ways and means urgently to avoid this as soon as possible..u urslf try and approach her with positivity .

And if this doesnt help thn dont fear anything jo hoga so hoga..just be brave and confident god is looking us all..dont worry..just do ur bit to avoid her foolishness.

venkat chintapikkala (private employee)     02 November 2011

Respected sir,

i am ganesh .  by this time also i need ur suggestions.

iam living with my wife for 3 years. From that time no phone calls or person presence from my father in-laws side since from 2 years.But all of a sudden on 29th sep 2011 my father in - laws son and some lady came to my house stating that my father in-laws younger daughters marriage . i said ok and offered launch . after taking launch they said my father sent tickets to you and my sister.i said all of a sudden i cant come after one or two days i will come. they said ok and gone away. but again in the evening my father in-laws son came to my house owner and said that his father said him "do any thing and bring your sister now itself. my father in law had never called me or my father about marraige invitation. after 5 min discussions my father in laws son swap me and i had pushed him then he had gone and make a complaint that iam beating my wife and tried to kill him. And some lady who came with my father in law son with his son-in law they engaged some police of 5no and 10 gundas and came to me and they forcely took my wife . i asked police that show me FIR but they said that it was oral and we came for enquiry and forced me to send my wife otherwise we will file some false case on you. and again they are telling that on 9th sep 2011 they will again bring my wife to my house if i refused her to come inside they said that again police will come.But till today they was no phone call or message from my wife so what can i do ?

my feeling is that they are planning that when she returned back to my home they are planning to keep domestic vilonce case when she is was in my house.and i got information that they ready to demand 5 lakhs not to keep case on me.

sir, how can i protect my self. plz give me suggestion can i keep any case against them.

thanks in advance 


ANAMIKA VICHARE (LAWYER)     16 October 2016

No Husband cannotbut I suggest you to file appropriate litigation that isdivorce petition

By the passage of time, when much waterhas flown under the bridge, temo of settinkg right the other person goes away and you waste your time, energy and money and lose menatl peace


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