2nd marriage

I want to ask that if a boy married a girl without involvement of their parents but later girl filed a court case for divource. The boy agrees to give divource but due to lawyers the case remains unsolved.my qiestion is --- Can a boy go for 2nd marriage while the divource case is still going on in court?? Can a girl stop him for 2nd marriage by filing any other case just becoz he is doing 2nd marriage ?? Pls reply

Under which personal laws the couple got married i.e., Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other laws?

What is the opinion of lawyer engaged by either of the party ?

What is your locus standie ?



If you are Muslim man you can have another wife even without giving divorce to first wife if you had first Muslim marriage. If you're non-muslim or had first civil marriage as Muslim, you cannot remarry during existing first marriage. The divorce proceedings are still going on and need to be finalized before you go for second marriage after dissolution of marriage by decree of divorce. Otherwise to go in for live in relationship is always open to you even during the pending divorce case in court.

Let they both file joint petition for divorce. Y they both engaged separate advocates.so conflicts and ego of advocates come .it never ends and party's r real sufferes. For joint petition single advocate is enough.

First marriage itself made by boy is blunder.he is leaving her and trying to 2nd marriage with out divorce shows that he has no respect onfemales or about marriages. He has thought that ladies r toys to him.

#Shashi dhara the boy is not leaving the girl. She ditched him and want a divource

Dr JC Vashishta under muslim law. And i didnt get what u said in last 5 lines

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I disagree with Shri Shasi Dhara.

Women think that their hubbies are their toys.

Men are tied to the apron strings of their wives;  they're henpecked.




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