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rdburmanmusic (health)     06 January 2019

Working wife files False 498, dv on husband and his family, leave job and house and file Rcr


   doctor couple. married life 2 and half year .wife is a working dentist in government college drawing 40k salary filed her 3 yrs IT returns , husband physician doctor owns nursing home after huge investment makes on wife's name as propriator by force without any agreement . husband's aged parents with diseases and his married sister live some where else since the date of marriage till now they havnt come to son's house . husband has big house on his name . wife refused sharing physically since the date of marriage . wife forced husband to write house also in her name. he refused. she brought all her family to his house . Her father and sister entered in management of hospital . husband refused for the same. wife did false case on him,his ailing remote parents and on his sister and his brother in law who no where consent.wife left house . filed RCR,24,crpc125 in her place . now claiming hospital income and huge maintence. husband filed case on her and family with threat and criminal intimidation on him. husband wants divorce now after all this . wife one side partially inconsistently speaking about huge money demand and MDP another side demanding 24,125 ,RCR.husband has proof of investment to hospital . he wants to reply to HER RCR and as he wants divorce also he wants denail of her come back to his house and divorce.he has submitted all her income documents to court.please advice . .she her self admitted of 2 yrs no co habitation but as a allegation of denial of same by husband . advice please .


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R. K. Singh (Business)     06 January 2019


if the nursing home is in your wife name then legally you must be getting only the salary income from nursing home

there are judgements which say that wife can not sit idle and maintenance is denied. your case looks good on this aspect as she was working earlier (in the forum title you have mentioned she has left job).


have you filed petition for divorce? RCR is filed in which court (jurisdcition of your residence or her residence). RCR can be filed in jurisdiction of court - where marriage took place, where husband wife last stayed togther, place of residence of respondent i.e. you in this case

some grounds of rejection of petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights - respondent is claiming any matrimonial relief, - petitioner accepts committing any matrimonial misconduct - petitioner action makes it impossible for the respondent to stay together.

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rdburmanmusic (health)     06 January 2019

SIR THANKS. RCR FILED IN MARRIAGE JURISDICTION. HER PARENTAL PLACE SHE LEFT JOB . TOTAL INVESTMENT IS FROM HUSBAND thro cheque payment. She is propritor. As per s*x 64 of IT act husbands investment on wife is considered as loan to wife unless it is gift deed. Here no gift deed. So payment of loan accepted . But not received single 're payment of investment . Husband not yet filed divorce. Judge presently postponed 24 maintaince hearing and asked to file main petition objection for RCR. Husband filing reply of RCR to dismiss the petition filed by her by denying total application as false and also pleading for divorce in same reply. Is that ok sir ..

Kumar Doab (FIN)     07 January 2019

The facts of the case may matter.

There are many threads on similar query/related material  that you can SEARCH thru SEARCH option in threads, Articles, Files etc e.g;

Article under my profile;

“Wife's Capability to Earn: Is No Reason to Reduce Maintenance Awarded to Her”

rdburmanmusic (health)     16 January 2019

Sir /madam
I need citations on dismissal of HMA 24 for well qualified women, either doctor or any professional working women who left job for purpose of claiming maintenance . recent one . either high court or SC .I will be very thankful. in case if anybody interested to personally mail me the citations for required fees also I m ready to pay . kindly do needful. regards.

Jesse Coverdale   18 November 2019

Husband and a wife makes a family in which the duty of the husband is to do a job for their family to make them alive. More instance promote a spirit of doing par time jobs to earn more money.

rdburmanmusic (health)     14 March 2022

Thank you sir.  She filed Rcr in jurisdiction Court and I filed divorce and case running since 3 years. Now she started studying law by leaving her dentistry profession and claiming huge money as maintenence. Kindly guide me sir . Thank you sir 

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