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Sunil (Business)     05 November 2011

Winning cases against my wife

I am new to this website and i was wondering if someone could answer my query. I recently won a long fight with my wife and finally i got divorce against my wife. She filed all possible fake cases against me and i stood strong in order to fight cases. Finally after such a long fight we had compromise and i was able to get divorce without paying any settlement amount. She made my life like a hell and my family went through hard time. She resides right opposite to my house and now i really want to celebrate my winning by playing songs and giving music party to my friends and family. I was wondering if she can file any complaint against me for celebrating ? Do i need to seek permission from Nagar Palika or Local Police Station ? I know this question may be off the track compared to other queries but i would appreciate if someone could guide me properly just to be on safer side.


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I don't think s o.You both had enough of each other and hence went in for a compromise settlement. Don't worry women have very little stamina. Its mostly parents/Friends who incite to behave like "HELL HATH NO WRATH LIKE GET A WOMAN WRONGED". Get a life for yourself and learn from past she'll do the same.Try to be best of friends even after divorce.

Alok Tholiya (self employed)     05 November 2011

I perfectly am with u and can understand ur feelings. Yet I wud say there is no use carrying on poison in mind and give control on u to satan. Live coolly and be spiritaul. Give her and others mafi / forgive them for their wrongs. And enjoy life. Forget they existed in ur life. And one never know what is in strore for us decided by almighty so why try to be above him. 

Sunil (Business)     05 November 2011

I have spent painful time these many years. We would see each others face right from early in the morning from brushing our teeth till going on bed but she would not talk to me at all. It was hurting me a lot and what i have gone through she can never pay me back . I tried talking to her but she was so stubborn that she wanted to push me and my family to jail. All she wanted me to do was leave my parental house and buy another property she had no problems with my parents but she wanted liberty. I wish i knew all these before i got married. When i denied situation got worst initally i thought that it would last for couple of days or months but she dragged me to court. My old parents went to jail because of her. I stayed in police station for 2 days. I have lost enough reputation in society because of this miserable women. I don't think i am marrying anyone from now on but after destroying me she gave me a divorce. I think i have a reason to celebrate here. I want her to understand & see me  that i can live without her and now ownwards atleast in a better way.

satish (EXECUTIVE)     05 November 2011

@Sunil.... I can feel your happiness after going thru  this pain in life. Its like a new life altogether. Enjoy the new life. But friend always remember  " Anything EXCESS is POISON."

(Guest) and sing...

and invite her see your happiness.....:D


goodgirl is right. Invite her as Chief Guest to a big public party with scotch flowing like water.Request to make a speech.Dying out of jealous curiousity but will run away and sulk.

Rajeev Kumar (Lawyer/Advocate)     05 November 2011

Dear Sunil, I understand your pain and grief caused by your erring wife who only wants to destroy you and your family. Your hardly gained happiness is quite genuine to cleberate a music and dance party with your friends. There is no legal impediment to cleberate the party so forgive your ex-wife, call her, request her to share her feeling, cleberate and enjoy with friends.

Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE (Legal & Social Activist)     05 November 2011

Sunil Ji ,

Congrats ....

Please giuide us how u won the cases without giving anything.

It will b of great help to others.



Sunil (Business)     05 November 2011

@ Bhaskarji here is my sad story,

It was a love marriage in 2005 even for the fact her parents were not happy with our relation my wife supported me. Everything was fine till 3 months in the beginning all of a sudden she started getting bored following the same routine schedule and she started arguing with me that she wants to have a seperate accomodation and i should move with her. I said it's not possible since my parents are old aged and they require my support and i never thought to leave my parents. That's when she started acting up initially she won't talk to me for couple of days. I thought everything will be fine but one day i got a call from my parents while i was @ work that my wife took her clothes and went to her house without saying anything.

Her parental house is right opposite to my house. When i came back from work i went to her house to bring her back but she would not come back saying that until i don't find any seperate accomodation she wouldn't come back. Her parents also supported her. When i saw that she was stubborn i left her for one year and everyday we would see each other but we would not talk to each other. While i tried speaking with her one day she said that i am harassing her and if i try to do so she would put me in jail. Ther very next day she filed 498 (a) it was friday evening therefore the same night i was took to the police station and i would not get bail until monday because of public holiday on saturday.

I spent 2 days in police station while i was there my wife and her parents came and FIR was lodged against me. Police asked me that my wife is demanding 5 lakhs and in order to make settlement i should give it to her. I said why should i make settlement if i am willing to keep my wife and money was never a option for me. So there goes 498 (a) in court. Since 498 (a) was related to dowry harassment my wife couldn't prove that i demanded dowry my house was completely checked my investigating officer asking if i took any dowry and i let them do it. My wife saw i was very stubborn and even for the fack that i went to jail for 2 days i didn't give up. There was not much to do in 498 (a) after investigation and therefore it stayed pending for a while.

Once again after few days she filed crpc 125 against me asking 25000 Rs per month. I was summoned to appear in court and i attended court proceeding. My first statement in court was "WHY SHOULD I PAY ANY MAINTENANCE ?" I am willing to keep my wife i have not avoided her. The very first hearing itself lady judge of judicial court noticed that there was not much to do same day and then we were asked to come after one month. Meanwhile my wife's lawyer seeked exemption atleast for 6 months so that they can gather false proof against us. So while i was waiting for 6 months my wife filed fake DV on my parents saying that my parents have beaten her and my parents were harassed by police for these fake charges.

At this point i took signature of each and every neighbour in my society stating that my parents were innocent and while i presented same thing infront of court of DV case was dismissed. Court warned my wife for presenting fake affidavits and immediately i filed a case after two days against her. I filed Crpc 340,191 against her and that's when pressure came on her. The same evening when she was summoned she came to me that it's not working well between us therefore we should end this up mutually. I said it could happen only at one condition if she would withdraw all cases and no money would be involved during mutual consent divorce.

After this she withdraw her Crpc 125 application and applied for MCD petition and that's when after few months divorce decree was passed. It would have never been possible without support my friends, family & neighbours. Today she has lost enough reputation that she would not even step out of her house. Even my heart is burning i keep asking myself that why all this while we use to love each other. But i took it as everything happens for a reason and this is how it ended.

From now on i would enjoy my life at it's fullest...............

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     06 November 2011



However, detest from any show-off. 






Shonee Kapoor

Sunil (Business)     06 November 2011

Before closing this thread i did had celebration last night and as anticipated my ex didn't like loud speaker songs especially "Barah mahine me barah tarike se tujko pyaar......dhinka chika" so here comes police again and this time i did had permission from Nagar Palika so once the jeep came i went to the same hawaldar again and showed him our permission letter. And after police left we continued our party till late and then i purposely raised the volume of songs......go ahead b*tch do whatever u can do....


Before Closing this thread i want to thank everyone who shared their opinion.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     06 November 2011

Sing the song Congratulations and Celebrations by Cliff Richard. Now you will have Long Life and all the best for your New Found Freedom.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     06 November 2011

Dear Nina, I know women very well, and Divorce means Divorce, the end of all OK? relax yeah.

Y. T. R. Rao, Advocate, VIZAG (ADVOCATE)     06 November 2011


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