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Harrassed (accountant)     06 May 2012

Wife went home for treatment but now harrassing me for dv ac

Hi Experts,

First of All i let you know i am blessed with baby girl on 7th Dec 2011,it was normal delivery and then my wife rested for 45days at my home,then she left home for 15 days to meet her parents after that she came back and started doing house holdwork like cleaning,dusting,cooking.

Problem started on 24th feb 2012 when she had accute pain in her back and the she discussed with her parents and they asked her to comeback for treatment and everything is well till 6th Mar 2012.As on 7th Mar 2012 doctor suggested for MRI and MRI confirmed there was hair line fracture in her lower spine because of low calcium and stress as she used to sit 3-4 hours in the same position to feed baby and  to talk with baby like others parents do.

Now her parents spreading rumors that we beat her continuosly and we had plan to burn her.I have a fear that they may file Domestic violance case against us.I am IT proffesional earning good salary but her father have no earning and her mother is lecturer in PVT collage earning very less amount.they want me to get seperate from my parents.I 100% swear every neighbour of us knows very well and they were saying no body can keep good care of her as we did.

I have love messages which she used to send me from her maternal home after 7th mar 2012.she and her parents never  complaint for anything to me.but i feared her parents file DV case against us she will definitly support them as they are spreading rumors abt us in our relatives and friends.i believe her parents want to hold on me and want to extort money from me.

Please let me know what can i do in the case.i am being metally harased as i belong to very reputed family.we neither demand any dowry  nor we beat her.becaused i loved her more than anything and she knows that.she and her family are talking sweetly with me and my parents but they are spreading very disgusting rumors abt us.

Please help me.


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Harrassed (accountant)     06 May 2012

her parental family members used to visit us every  month and sometimes they used to stay with us for weeks.i treated them with love and respect this is also known to our neighbour but now they are doing b*tching about us.which is really hurting me and giving me fear that they may do anything to get seperate me from my parents so that they can njoy luxry life which she was having with me.

Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     06 May 2012

Hello never leave your parents because of your wife. Tell them I am not going to leave them and do not be afraid. Be cool in this kind of situations and do not loose your patience. Solve things by asking what is the problem or any medium like her closed relatives or friend and tell all the situation to all of them that what is the proof when I beat her and show them that I have the proof u can ask to my neighbours for my behaviour with my wife . First try to solve the things in a friendly way. Her father and mother are spoiling the life of her daughter as the are interfering without any reason in her sasural. They might me distrubed people from mind as far as I can guess. 

I am not an expert but by having in this LCI I learn a lot so I can suggest you go for RCR if she do not come back. This will help you a lot in future if some legal actions done from her side.

Never ever spoil your life in tension just because of a girl. No dear No. How many of us will cheated like this? Go be bold and do not be afraid.

Do your job as ur doing and take care of Uncle and Aunti and others who are dependent on you. If you are true god is with you than why you are in tension!

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Vishwa (translator)     06 May 2012

Dear Harassed,


Women are subjected to huge mental and physical stress as well as hormonal imbalances during delivery, especially the first one. These problems get aggravated by the interference of outsiders not directly concerned. There is also evidence, according to you of some bone fracture. Try to adopt a sympathetic attitude at least for a while and see what happens. Show that you are willing to face up to your responsibilities and that you care for  your baby daughter. May be things will improve.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     06 May 2012

U both are mature & educated fellows, moreover God has blessed u wid a baby. Resolve the matter amicably by mutual talk asap.

Ranee....... (NA)     06 May 2012

What does she want?

To live separately from your parents?

You can do this to save your marriage because she has left  her parents ..this is indian tradition..but According to indian tradition  man should maintain his wife..but thius is indian constitution which says man amd woman are equal..then why you can leave your parents for your marriage..

Keep goo n frequent relations with parents...often visit them..help or maintain them financially....then whats problem in living separately?

law is different thing and emotion and relation is different thing..

If you love your wife do some sacrifice for her..

manish (cdsdfasd sdf)     08 May 2012


be strong and start recording your wife's behavior and tantrums, also record all the instances where her parents stayed at your home - talk with her nicely and get everythng as proof.. In this day and age women arent happy if the husband has parents and brothers or sisters. They hate everyone in husbands life - they want only the husband and his money. Since the parliament has still not enacted a law wherein a new wife can kill all the husband's relatives so that she can be happy, you try to keep your parenst happy and safe.. No need to leave your parents - they existed before you got married to her. You didnt hide your parents from her when you got married...

Harrassed (accountant)     14 May 2012

Thanks For Your valuable suggestion,now they have change their idea to get seperate from my family..they are behaing like kids.You know every relatives of them know about their behaviour and telling them that they(my in laws) are doing bad against me.they are just mentally harassing me.I know my wife also love me but she cant speek against her parents.her mother wants me to run her family too.

To whoever they were telling in their family against us are become against to them.i feel their ego is more than their daughter happiness.even their father mother relation was also not good.now i have fear if any how i take my with me but in future if we have any fight like all husband-wife do,then they can harm me badly.

Is it possible if i go men's cell,to complaint against them..but i also want to tell u,i dont want to spoil my relation with my wife,coz somewhere i think she is innocent but her parents are acting like devil.

I have all recording with me..where my wife expressing her love to me but in the next moments her parents start abusing her and me.they didn't find any single mistake in me or in my action.

Harrassed (accountant)     14 May 2012

Hi Ranee.

I love her my wife more than me,but i cant sacrifice my parents for her.becasue in my absense only my parents were taking care for her and she was treated like daughter of the family,but by mistake i shown money to their parents during delivery,so they are trying to seperate me from my parents so that they can njoy on my money.even my wife also loves to my parents.if any how i got seperate from my parents then who will take care for my daught coz me is working and my wife will also work..that's the problem.my parents dont have ny problem in it,if i take new home.

Harrassed (accountant)     14 May 2012

I want to know,can she file DV act against me now and trust me there is no violance from my side wheares her parents are threating and i have recorded that,if she is living with her parents for last 3 months.

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