Wife cheated , i want divorced


I am 31 year old Man,I am Software Engg by Profession.

2.5 years of Merrage.
i have caught my wife's facebook account
on that she has chate with one of her old boyfrien and she had also sent her photo with our
1.2 year old child.

->Also checked call history of my wife mobile number and found that she had already contected to her boyfrien many time
and having conversation more than 30 mins.

->As per chat they both having planning to meet when i will not be at home,
but before that i have read all this facebook chat and caught my wife cheating.

what shoud i do, having 1.2 year old baby boy.

shold this prof suffient for giving her divorced withou alimony Money.
I am redy to pay my child expenses but not my wife expenses,
please suggest me..


This itself is not sufficient for divorce. However it solely depends on the chat history and after reading, it can lead to conclusion for divorce or otherwise.


You need to speak with you wife if it is only a doubt in your mind.

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You have to speak with your wife about your doubt. However this can be a good ground for divorce if she is having an affiar with her old friend. You may not require to pay the maintenance to your wife but have to pay for your child.


Conversation B/w My Wife And her Boyfriend:

My Wife : Hi whatsap
BF : nothing, I want to meet you yaar it has been logn time when we meet,
My Wife : that Sunday is good but you busy, (My wife call him for the same, I am out of station)
BF: oh yes but  at that time i was busy , if you informed me in davanced then this is possbile but suddenly it is not possible because i am busy,
My wife : ohhh, I also dont know that my Husbind going out of station in advanced,
suddunly they have some worked and go there,
BF : Ok,But for next time wheneve you got chance ,you will tell me in advanced so that i will  plan accordinlgy.
My Wife : yes sure ,

After 1 week

BF : is it possible to meet this sunday.
My Wife : No,My husbund will be at  home,
BF : Ok,but whenever you get chance please call me,
My Wife : yes definelty,
BF : you are still in My heart i love you....

My wife Also send him his latest photographs

what shoud i do....
please suggest me,

is it sufficient for not give her alimony money.


The chat does not show sound evidence of adultery..


need to understand each other...............

This chat record not sufficiect. Consult a lawyer, hire a detective, continue collecting as many more evidences as u can ......when u r done, go to the court.

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put a camera at home, record all their activities.video evidence will help you

Pl face it pragmatically. You are husband and he is ex. If both of them meet now then quite likely things will be not to your likings. I am against the suggestions given in some of the responses, that is hire detective etc..this way you are letting them get into each other, it will damage you and will damage your kid too. So talk to her first, with love and understanding, and of course showing some sternness.

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Thanks All for you Replay,

As i have discussed above matter with her parents,

They told me that they are ready to give me Notary on stamp paper   with written that if this will happen again then you will give her divorced  and not given any alimony money and alos take baby boy with you,

is it Good or Not,if this happen again than this notary will help me or not.?

Please replay.


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