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Prakash Yedhula (Lawyer)     04 April 2008

Why did you choose law?

Dear friends,

What has made you to choose law as your career?



 8 Replies

Guest (n/a)     04 April 2008

i choose law because it is very intresting subject for is my ambition to become a lawyer.

Nitin (student)     04 April 2008

hi sir. I am a law graduate and I am hereby attempting to answer your question regarding me chosing law as a profession. law has always been associated with the sovereign as also said by the great philosopher "Austin" i.e. it is the sovereign who is the law maker and it is also best known to him. So law is something which gives a feeling of satisfaction to me coz I start thinking in terms of law when ever I come across any public affair. Also it gives you respect in the society. However the only draw back is that you dont get well paid for your services in the preliminary stages of your practice but as a lawyer gets experienced and more versed in statutes it starts paying. also, I would like to have some suggestions from your side on how should I proceed in this profession. waiting for your valuable suggestions. Regards Nitin

Manish Singh (Advocate)     05 April 2008

With law you get to know your society quite deeply and thoroughly and the real concerns of the system. We now know why we all Indians are forced to keep up with this flawed system but still we cant do nothing about it since we need to be more realistinc about it and" WE" means all and every Indian. Then only we can eradicate the flaws of the so called system.
Its all upon us and no other is goin to help us out.

Guest (n/a)     06 April 2008

when i was a student i thought law degree can help me to understand lives of the people and to understand the theire behaviour, etc., but the profession made me so busy and have to think alwasy about the case, and clients and no time to think about myself.

Shyla (Student)     15 April 2009

Hi thats a nice question raised by Prakash sir! I actually have been waiting for this.

Well I dont have any lawyers in my family but stil my interest towards law made people in my family surprised.Acc to me ryt now Law is a very  flourishing n a successful career if u choose ur correct options in it.My interest towards law was becoz i want to earn the same respect n dignity n also the honour That lawyers tend to  earn! Even more Being a Lawyer is tO "THINK OUT OF THE BOX" U wud always see that what the law think n say r basically complete n disciplined which mkes u feel more confident and determined.It is unfortunate that all Lawyers donot think the same! Coz corruption still remains! But people should try to think in that way then only we can eradicate this corruption from our society!

That is too long  but thats all.I have more to say on this n This is a very Debatable topic.

Thank You,


Raman ( )     15 June 2009

Hi Prakash,

This is what attracted me most:

  • One can spend lot of time in analytical thinking & reasoning ( good for health )
  • Closely working with people and their issues, by then one will know himself
  • Power, Recognition and Money ( only when one shines out in the Profession )
  • No retirement
  • A venue to enter into Politics
  • Recession-proof Profession
  • Can provide employment to junior lawyers, by then still learn from younger generation

What woud you say ? Please let us know what pulled you into this streamline !

DR.SANAT KUMAR DASH (Eye Specialist)     30 December 2009



 I have taken to this profession as a challange to fight corruption and also to serve the people at the grass root level,although no one from my family in this profession. It gives me pleasure, raising the voice on behalf of the affected persons and also on the outcome of the result and equally the smile on the face of the people who have got justice.Any way it is a Noble profession.

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