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who,in our dear bharath,can stop24/2/15 wastage@hc,jaipur?

not applicable;wish to keep my emplyer out of this

Iam a senior citizen, dhAm/JatAyu, who wAs destined to suffer in Ajaya Maeru(Ajmer), in (20)14, like RAm/JatAyu did in the 14th year of van-vAs of RAm, and JatAyu in hands of RAvaN, over (holy?)Maeru.                                         By the grace of KALi of this indo-Arab KALi-dhAs, on 8.1.15, the Paali-kaali, who got born in an S-kA, a student aged 25, on a train, due to a 5-seconds accident at Paali, condescended to end her kaali-avathAr, and the person, S-kA, filed a letter before ACJM, Railway Court, Ajmer, copy attached. The gracious ex-kaali also politely declined a gift of my old-age-Fund to her, by the ACJM!                                                                                     But alas! The ACJM, my Judge-4, in this case, had no powers under present BhAratheeya post-NirbhayA LAws, to accept the rAji-closure request from S-kA(of case of Sate of RAj. vs. me, solely initiated by S-kA, in her capacity as unchallenged and all-powerful RAj. State-s Judge-1 of mine on 4.12.13) but  put it down, in his own wisdom, as-full and final cross-exam. of PW-1,S-kA, done in my absence and against my very strict instructions to the contrary to my Advocate.  And the said Judge-4, intends to continue case on 19.2.15, at Ajmer!                                                                                                                                                                                              I have filed CRLMP-650/2015, at HC, and as per my Advocate, hearing has been fixed in Court 7S, on 24.2.15, for which notice has gone to S-kA too.                                                                                                                       As one who has served Bharath and self in 6 countries, as an informal/self-apponted  mediA-ambassador too, and one who thinks and worries about BhArath, at least occasionally, and in print, I wonder if it is needed for the HC to repeat on 24.2.15, the costly exercise already done and documented by ACJM, Ajmer. Why not spare poor BhArath/RAj. States, and this JatAyu, and his Vi-Chithrakoot family which has already spent lakhs in this case from hArd-earned old-age Fund? If Sivam family of S-kA and RAj. HC feel like spending more money on this case, why not free me from the costly trips to Ajmer on 19.2.15, and Jaipur on 24.2.15?                             Hae RAm! Who can end the dhAmAyaN of mine after S-kA, Who can save the funds of families like Vi-Chithrakoot and Sivam, from vagaries of Indian Judiciary & drastic LAws, and BhArath-s never-ending-quArreling citizens, including me? 

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