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Who are legal heirs

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Prabakar (SSE)     31 December 2012

My father died last year. Myself, my mother, brother and grandmother(father's mother) are legal heirs.

Last month my grandmother also died.

so now who will get my grandmother's share..? Also, she has 3 sons other than my father. Will they get that share..?

But properties are earned by my father only..!

Suggest me what to do..!?

Thanks & Regards,


akshenoy777 (EFG)     31 May 2013


My father died recently and he left the bank accounts, safe deposit box and shares on his name and he has not nominated anybodies name.......But he wrote a WILL on my name although I have two sisters......But he clearly mentioned my name solely on the WILL........when i visited the Bank and they say since Nominee is not there I have to go through their procedure where I have to bring the signature of everybody and submit it to the bank to close the bank account and get the amount........They say WILL will not allow them to do that............I was surprised by hearing that because then WILL is just piece of paper which has no value.................If anybody has any idea please let me know............

Ankit @mka.asr (Prop)     31 May 2013

Dear Sir,
I am facing case in Highcourt for compensation under Motor Vehicle ACT.session court has awarded Rs 2.5 lacs already and i have appealed against the decision. Latest devalopment is that after session court's decision lady is expired due to natural death.She was widow and has no son and daughter.if Highcourt retain the decision of session court and ask me to pay compensation then to whom i have to pay compensation as lady is died already with no legal heirs.beside husband,real son and daughters who can claim compensation from family?

shiva shankar (process associate)     06 December 2013

i have a question related to legal heir.

suppose "A" is a person, he is government employee. he died when he was in service at the age of 52 yrs. his wife also died before his death that is 4 years back of "A" death. he did not had children during his life time not even a adopted too.

But person "A" was in his sisters custody till his last breath. he also made nomination on his sister name during his life time in his service register.all the requirements are looked by his sister when "A" was alive.

he served 23 yrs i a government job. so will his sister get gratuity amount and death benefits. please answer any one. please mail me to

ROHIT (Designer)     11 March 2014


My fathers case is going in the High Court about the property matters with the builder, and he has given me the special judicial power of attorney. Unfortunately my father expired. Now the question is that, Is my special judicial power of attorney valid. Because in the last paragraph of the attorney my father said the i hereby, for myself, my heirs, my executor, my adminstrators and my legal representatives, ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm whatsoever our said shall do or purport to do by virtue of these present.


Please help me. and will the case be transfered on my name. and can i fight for my father and give him justices.


Please help me.

Krishna (Manager)     04 August 2014

Respected Sir/ Madam,

A father had two wives.The First wife has no children.The second wife has a son and daughter. Son is married , having two sons who are majors.Daughter is married, has two daughters who are major. Father dies. Now who are the legal heirs of the father?

lathifbabu (Student)     10 July 2016


muslim family unmarried  son died
he have brothers sisters and father 

now father trying to  acquire  all   own properties of deceased son without sharing single peny to sisters brothers 

please guide me the ratio of disribution of wealth and property among family members asper indial / islamic law 



Anoop Sharma   16 January 2019

I Agree with Adv Rajiv

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