when a thief forced you to take money from the atm?


When a thief forced you to take money from the ATM?


When a thief forced you to take money from the ATM, do not argue or resist, you might not know what he or she might do to you. What you should do is to punch your PIN in the reverse...

Eg: If your PIN is 1234, you punch 4321.

The moment you punch in the reverse, the money will come out, but will be stuck into the machine half way out and it will alert the police without the notice of the thief.

Every ATM has it; It is specially made to signify danger and help. Not everyone is aware of this



It is really very good information. Thank you


@Ld. Member Beni Prasd Ji,


Please don't post such fake news/information here in this forum which(the forum) is serving as an authentic source to legal information to a greater extent.


@Ld. Member/Expert C.P.S Ramachary,


Well, how it could  prove to be a good information!???


What if pin numbers are palindrome e.g.


1441,3223,9999,9009 and so on..........


@All readers of this post,


Beware of such hoax.These are nothing but scams and false information.





After reading Mr.Sumitra Kumar's comment, all would be confused. Can any body clarify the correct position of the matter, for clarity for all.


@All the readers who come to read this post,


You may know the correct position my visiting the following link.




Hope this clarifies the concern.





Mr. Sumitra Kumar,

While appreciating you opinion I would like to state that, this 'forum' is to exchage views and opinions whether they are rigt or not or still open for opnion of others. The knowledge that is imparted through this platform is not meant to criticize any one. You can express your opinion if you know the subject better than any one. The way you express your view lacks ethicacy and you should know how to address any one viz Mr./Mrs. Any way thank you for your information.


@Ld. Member/Expert  Mr. CPS Ramachary Ji,


First of all, I apologize if your sentiments are hurt.But let me say something that might eradicate the confusion-


1. All already gave you the due respect by addressing 'Ld. Member/Expert'.Here Ld. means Learned. The word "Ld." itself sufficent,in my thinking, to bestow on the due respect.


2. You are right that this forum is open to anyone to express their views or opinions. But let me add that the category of this thread is neither of the nature of views nor of opinions, rather coming into category of information. There is a difference in Views and opinions and information. Let me elaborate it further


(a)Views means reaction of how you take up the information.How it feeds to your knowledge database.


(b)Opinions means how you put your views and adding something more to it by way of some discussion.


(c)Information is what you extract out from a given data also called raw information to enrich your knowledge database which may or may not be information for others.


When Raw data comes from a reliable source, it qualifies to be an information by itself.


3.On the point of ethics, I may be lacking,but let me add when a person who has some reputation support some data or information,it forms many views to others and comes out heavily via other media in form of opinion and has ripple effect. How can one get 'Reiliablity' in data that qualifies to form sufficient ground to absorb it in form of information!!!


Anyway, If it hurts too,Ignore it.


Will try my best not to hurt you.







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