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What to do in this situation

My frnd bf left her saying that he will marry her in any condition nd indirectly force her to come in relation he lied about his age he is 17 half bt said 18 nd she is 18 when she knew about this she breaks up bt he emotionally blackmailed her nd threats nd if she leave him he will sucide nd his brother aslo asure her age doesn't matter he will marry u one day he call her say there will be suprise nd lock her nd himself in dark room nd ask for physical she denied so he don't force he said sorry nd emotional blackmail her it was mistake he want to marry her he is serious nd all nd again gave her threats if she leave he will sucide nd one create a fake scene of sucide aslo after that she feared nd thought he loves her a lot wants to marry so it will be ok after he complet 18 he said her if she have physical with him then no one can separate them nd it will be gaurentee of marriage so she agreed nd he make her book a room nd take her money bt after physical he started to fight with her she have anger issue she already told him that time he said it will be all ok bt now he breaks up with her on silly reasons nd block her she tell this to her parents they met his parents he said sorry to her nd his parents nd he again promise them to marry when he turns 21. later her father died she call him bt he refused to talk his parents aslo refused to talk nd indirectly break promise by saying his son have mental issue of excessive tension nd other stupid reason his father is police so they threats her if she force him to marry he will file case on her she feel betrayed nd used at present he is 18 half nd she is 19 relationship was of 1.5 yrs its been 6 month from their break up he defame her everywhere by saying she is bad girl she is in mental trauma what can do to teach them lesson do their stupid excuse nd police power free him from any legal action he saying it was cons*xul bt he obtain her consent by froud giving false promise nd accusing her that she is one who did wrong she have his call recording nd chats of promise nd sucide threats what action she take does it worth it


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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     13 August 2021

If someone steps into sh*t by accident, one should wash it away, and it is not proper to display that sh*t to everyone for sympathy or for remedy.  This is the same story that is taking place each day in some place of the nation.  Forget about the affair and focus on education or career at the age of 20 years.  This fight is not going to carry you to a destination of success in your life.

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Kishor Mehta (CEO)     13 August 2021

It is advisable to forget the whole incident as a bad dream, however if she wants to take revenge she can always file an FIR for molestation and rape and having taken advantage under false promises.

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P. Venu (Advocate)     13 August 2021

In matters which are strictly personal, it is impossible to give meaningful suggestion based on third party version.

Kevin Moses Paul   21 August 2021

The forum is meant for Legal Assistance, while people nowadays are posting anything they desire.
Unfortunately, queries like these are making fun of the sole purpose for which LCI was meant for.

Mr G.L.N. Prasad Sir, said it out very clearly, so I request the author of the query to please maintain the decorum of the forum and focus on future rather than engaging yourself in petty issues like these.

All the best for your further endeavours!

Kevin M. Paul
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Sir ur right bt I don't deform the frourm it's a legal query nd I haven't ask any stupid que I just stated facts nd ask expert what legal action can she take all ur suggestions are totally right I agree with them bt on the other hand sir the boys like this taking advantage of this silence of girls she is my very good frnd nd she is indepression he defame her every where how can she forgive him sir every day she facing hell so I ask about legal action as this forum for nd sir thanks for ur reply 

Kevin Moses Paul   26 August 2021

See I totally understand what all the scenarios your friend have been through, and I believe that all the events might have taken place but the problem is that whether she holds any sort of evidence to prove her story.

As you might be aware of that court or judicial proceedings work according to evidences and depending upon true and accurate evidence only judgements are pronounced.

The story of your friend could be true, but you need to understand that essentially it's upon a person's self awareness regarding the situations and people they're with, all the conditions that have taken place signifies that your friend consistently obeyed and abided with false promises made by her "boyfriend", and that she believed his statements rather than her own instincts.

As per my experience, let me inform you that this young age is to build career and do something fruitful in life rather than getting along with bad company or such sort of relations, the bad decision she took was to get engaged in such sort of relations at this very young age which were then followed up with number of bad decisions which includes believing her boyfriend, and all this was done because of this "True Love" definition of the Young Generation of India.

Now, to be honest with you let me tell you that if your friend consists of proper evidences that could prove the above stated wrong then only something can be done to get the boy punished otherwise, without any evidence nothing can be done against the culprit boy just on the basis of a mere story narrated by a girl.

In case she is willing to take the matter into the court, that it will aslo have consequences as the matter will be disclosed to many who are not even aware of all this..

However, if she is willing to proceed with a case and has solid evidence related to the query, you or she can get in touch me directly via email on the email ID given below:-

Take Care!

Kevin M. Paul

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