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Deepak (Service in private ltd. Organisation)     09 September 2008

What can i do?

Dear Sir,

Presently i am working with an employer at pune as HOD,I am giving him one month's notice for resignation physically (as per my appointment letter clause).But employer said that he will not releave me within one month,he does not give me received copy of my one month notice of resignation.I want smooth exit from company hence dont want to send him UPC letter.Please help me if i can quit at the date i mentioned in my notice,will he creat any problem? 



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Krishnan Venkatachalam (Legal professional)     09 September 2008

Dear Mr.Deepak,

Speak to your employer once again and insist on your relieval after the expiry of one month notice and simultaneously send your resignation letter by Registered Post with Acknowledgemnt due (RPAD). Since you want to have a smooth exit it is better to talk to your employer and convince him to relieve you. On completion of your notice period you can send one more letter under RPAD and stop attending serving duty. I presume that you will joining another employer. You can show the acknowledgement cards and convionce the new employer of your proper exit. These days most of the employers do not insist upon the relieving order.


Mohit Attri (lawyer)     09 September 2008

agree wid krishan sir.

but u have a another option which is fax. u can send a copy of ur regntion thrrgh is a solid proof of ur rgination.

Saravana Rajan   10 September 2008

This happens very frequently nowadays. Employers refuse to accept the notice period / acknowledge the resignation / refuse to provide a relieving or experience letter etc.

They are very particular about the clauses which speak elaborately the actions from their side if the employee is defaulting. But does not discuss issues like this. It is a critical issue and has to be handled very diplomatically.

-Saravana Rajan

Priya Ranjan (Sr. Ex.Legal)     10 September 2008

 You can send the same my mail on the official ID of all the concerned person and this is a conclusive proof.

Deepak (Service in private ltd. Organisation)     11 September 2008


Mr.Krishnan Venkatachalam



Thank you very much Sir,I realy obliged by your suggetion.and always keep in mind.You are realy pull me out from the stree.

Thanx one again 

Deepak (Service in private ltd. Organisation)     11 September 2008

Thank you Sir.


Deepak Khonde

Deepak (Service in private ltd. Organisation)     11 September 2008

Thank you Sir ,for your valuable suggetion.


Deepak Khonde


Prakash (Asst Manager)     02 September 2013

Hi All

My friend has been working with a Public sec Bank for 3 years. 6 Months now.

When she was working in a branch in Bangalore there was financial issue involving fraud of money transfer by one of her colleague. Though the money was recovered by the bank from the convicted employee, per the banking norms as my friend was also in the branch operations at that point of time she and some other employees were transferred to distant locations per the "bank policy". (I am not sure about the details of this policy)

However this distant location was not a viable option for my friend, so she resigned (Informed via email) and started serving her exit notice. Subsequently all her exit formalities were completed and she was waiting for the exit date.

Just 5 work days before her exit date she was called on by her employer and told that her “exit has been put on hold until further notice” via email.

This was a huge shock and setback, as her future was at stake here. On enquiring she was told that there was enquiry initiated by her employer on the fraud issue occurred earlier in the branch and would take at-least 5-6 months more to complete.

She tried to find a workaround of getting transferred at-least to a nearby place so that she could serve her remaining time in a branch nearby. This was rejected by the regional team and she was told that by regional boss that she could not be transferred back to Bangalore but to Electronic City (Again a distant branch) if she withdraws her resignation. Again, this was not a viable solution as per her and refused the offer.

My question to you here is,

1)     Can the Employee hold any exit in such a way “without any further notice”?

2)     What are the legal / other options for my friend?

Really appreciate your help at this dire moment.


Best Regards



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