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sanjeev pawar (service)     20 July 2012

What are losses for wife after dv and 498a

Dear members,

we all very well know how miserable a husband becomes after 498 and DV filed on him by his wife, he runs into losses on all fronts, be it his age, his money, him home and family and all other stuff, but can any one comment or share some thoughts on what does a wife go through in her life once she pulls her husband to court and files all sorts of cases and allegattions on him, what does she have to face in life after this case filing and court proceedings. can any member please elaborate. i am curious to know as i think they dont have any losses to suffer.


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Alok Tholiya (self employed)     20 July 2012

The wife and her family has already suffered at the hands of either a impotent, drug addict, alcoholic, wife beater, dowery seeker, prostitute goer, womaniser,cruel,unwilling son forced to marry , son already in deep relations with some one else but parents threatening and  forcing him to marry a innocent girl who is deprived of love and dignity while  he continues relations with his kept, son is Gay , is habitual gambler and betas wife for money etc etc.. ( This is facts derived out of study of many cases and still such a man in Indian society is able to marry another maiden easily . While a girl  has lost her very important title of being virgin and single. She will be forced to don a title imposed on her divorcee for life, she will never ever get partner of her match and will have to compromise for choosing second partner. Her family will have to spend again on marriage. And list goes on. So 498A and DV act are very mild and Indian courts do not take urgent and serious view due to prevailing culture and systems. So it is the divorced wife and her family alone who sufferes life time. I will shortly be creating a blog on what happened to my daughter att he hands of  rogues. Though Amir Khan has amply and very clearly put it before all how  a beautiful, educated girl from a good family  suffered at the hands of greedy inhuman husbant though a techi and in states. If u have not seen that on TV then go to you tube and search for Satymev Jayte. 

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KNK A Learner (Learning to share)     20 July 2012

Hon'ble Supreme court stated 498A false cases as Legal Terrorism, 90% of the cases are fake and it has become a business to some unscrupulous women who want to extort money in the name of marriage. only 10% are genuine cases. Initially they file cases for extortion, if the husband doesn't compromise they will loose entire life, no body will marry a 498A women and if the case is false she has to face other Criminal proceedings also for filing false cases only If the Husband has truth and courage, he will be the winner in this mind game. If husband is real culprit then he will face the music of truth in the court of law.

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Never Give Up (Fighter)     20 July 2012

There is a lot written about horror faced by families who get entangled in 498A cases, but nothing is said about the consequences faced by women who file these cases, if the plan backfires. 498A is ultimately a gamble. These women file cases at the advice of their lawyers, close relatives with vested interests or just to persecute the hubby and in-laws or to defraud the hubby and his family as they know that this law is actually designed to be more effective as a tool for extortionists and blackmailers than for protecting women facing dowry harassment or domestic violence

1) Divorce after a 498A is guaranteed. 498A is a nuclear weapon. It should never be used for any other purpose than what it was intended for, which was to protect women from dowry harassment. It was not designed to allow it be used to settle scores or as an extortion tool. If the accused fight back, the filers of a false 498A will face the consequences .

2) She won’t get married again. The reason being our very conservative society. Feminism may be a fashionable thing to bandy about, but no family, including the family of the filer of a false 498A, would like to admit one of their own into their homes. This is all about power politics in relationships and once it is known that a woman had filed a false 498A, she will be treated like radioactive material .

3) Her sister(s) may eventually run off with the milkman or something along similar lines may happen as they risk remaining spinsters.

4) Any sisters-in-law she may have will turn against her as time goes by. Her brothers may not get married again. Think about this. Would you be willing to send your sister/daughter into a home where there is woman who has quarreled with a decent husband and used the law to terrorize him and his family? How happy would your sister/daughter be in a home like that? How secure would a family feel, if the sister of the woman who filed a false 498A enters the house as a bride? It also says a lot about that family that they did not discourage her from doing so .

5) The filer of a false 498A may face arrest under Section 182. The sentence may range up to 6 months .

6) If kids are involved, their well-being may be threatened as fathers play a crucial role in the up bringing of a child. A 498A almost always results in a divorce.

7) If the 498A is being filed at the instigation of close relatives and for no valid justification, be assured of this, once the relatives get what they want, they will abandon the woman.

8 ) The woman may get fined by the court for filing false charges as men are getting aware

Source :https://www.498a.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5008

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sanjeev pawar (service)     20 July 2012

@alok.........sir, you are generalizing your statement, pls dont see people through the same glasses, i agree you might have experienced a rare case, but the majority out here are experiencing a different scenario, my own wife has sent me a legal notice that pay up 12000 pm as maitainence or be ready for 498 and dv, she left my house after pushing me out of my own rented house in which we were living, she threatened me with dv act if i come home, she left my house with her mom and now from there she is sending me threatening notices, now what do you call this?? please dont accuse men of harrassing women, it is vice versa. i hope other members agree

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Yogesh Pagare (Student)     21 July 2012

Many girls and their parents are making business of filing fake 498 and DV cases on husbands to extort the huge sum of money. Even I am going through the same situation right now. I treated my wife more than she deserved. My parents treated her as their own daughter, but still she along with her parents and relatives harrasing us and making false allegation against me and my parents. Girl does not loose anythign by 498 or DV case, the guy is who have to loose everything, if he is govt servant he can loose his job, he has to face many problems. Mr. Vinod Sharma has said absolutely correct. My case is still going on in court. To increase her interim maintainance money she out of 4 dates in court in a month just appeares for 1 date and any how manages to strecth the case as long as she wants it to. If you wanna read y case file see in the forum "Cancellation of marriage" for discussion I have posted it here.

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Hari Prasad (service)     21 July 2012

dear DLF

Don't worry .A 498A wife will have a short joy.If you are falsely implicated ,thena 498A women includes all relatives of the husband who are no way connected.

Your in-laws cannot show they face in society,attend family functions etc..

A 498A women can afterwards can become a keep only as no sensible or insensible person would like to marry her because of her past deed

Life long she has to been alone changing mens and in conservative Indian society you know what she will be branded as...there would be que of aspiring men for one night stand.

If your children are with you then it is hell for them.She may do a job elsewhere but truth cannot be hidden.Couleques and freinds there would ask about husband and children ..no phonecall from them will sure make them to guess...she can only say haa...haa...heee in their company but behind her they would laught at her.

My ex-wife is facing similar situation ,we were married for 17 year ,she file 5L dowry case ,and child is with me ...all our friends ,neighbour ,their relatives and society know what happened to her marriage.fortunately I also live in the same city ..and occatioanlly meet their friends with my child...

They have to move in burhka ....their mental agony cannot be quantified......cheers.............

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Arjun Gupti (Business)     24 July 2012

I understand your feelings ZEESHAN. Also Mr. Alok - yours was a very rare case and 95% of 498A cases filed in our country are fake. Upar wala bhi sazaa deta hai.. uski adalat main sahi faisla hota hai.. jisne 498A ka jhoota case daala hai she will SUFFER, HER FAMILY WILL SUFFER.. it may take some time (months) but RESULT AAEGA.. GUYS do not loose heart... that b*tch is not staying with us.. so lets merry and find a decent girl who can respect us and our families. LET THAT BITCH GO TO HELL (i.e. her house). Cheers!

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Vinod Adhikari (Admin Manager)     27 July 2012

God alone knows when will there be a law to Punish women who files false 498A cases. We have to frame oue own laws and become like a Fidayeen or Like Jahangir see the link below


Husband finds better solution to false 498a-kills four of wife's family


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danish (Manager)     27 July 2012

Ma Sha Allah,


May Allah bless Jehangir, and his imprisonment for years should be converted in days Ameen Suma Ameen.

Guys he is our inspiration. Wait n Watch wat happens in our case. This is the last solution I belive we have, if any of us will be put behind bars in false 498a case then we should plan our best it should be a master plan we need to delete their entire race for ever from this world.

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Vinod Adhikari (Admin Manager)     27 July 2012

Let this be an example for all those CHUDAILLS and DAYAANS ... who think they can get away by using WMDs like 498A and think that men are ducks and dodos. Killing shoud not be the solution, keep the witches alive but do so much damage so much damage that all the money which is given for alimony goes for med treatment and they borrow even more. And let those scars remain as an example for other Witches who will think N Number of time before acting.If men loose money and house, they need to survive and in order to survive, they commit murders, at least in Jail, there will be a roof above your head and 3 times meal.... 

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RAMESH (MANAGER)     01 August 2012

Even my wife now facing critical situvations,her family lost respect in society,removed from job.

crying on every court visits to come back.

pleasing us through mediators to come back.

but i am waiting for divorce

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Yogesh Pagare (Student)     02 August 2012

Ramesh you are doing absolutely right. Such people thinks money is everything and not respect. But people like us thinks money can be earned again. but once respect is gone than it can't be earned again. So better way keep such b*tch away from us. I am also waiting for divorce, even my wife is pleading in court for going to matrimonial house. But I can't bring such stupid b*tch again in my life.

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rajiv_lodha (zz)     02 August 2012

Ironyn is that courts do not give CONTESTED DIVORCE TO HUSBANDS. Husbands have to rot here n there for many years to start their life again.

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     17 August 2012

But someone tell me


  • What she looses by not filing DV case or 498a.
  • Her matrimonial home
  • Her own earned income
  • Her career
  • Her life
  • Her child (if male)
  • Her dignity


My dear society is still male dominant (as seen from comments above) and there are members of our society who have compelled framing of such uneven laws as they were required. As long as such persons do not mend the relevance of such laws will remain.

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