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what are daily orders?



1.  What are Daily Orders?


The day-to-day orders delivered in the courts are called daily orders of a Court.


2.  Which courts order are available on the site?

The daily orders of Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court are available on this site.


3.  How soon Daily Orders are available after they have been delivered in the Court?

Usually the Daily Orders are available on the site within 24 hours of the delivery of the order in the court,


4.  I do not know the case no. but I know only the name of the advocate who represented the case in the Court,

can I know the latest order of such case?

For retrieving an order of a case one need not know the case no. By simply typing the name of the advocate or any group of words which may be part of the text of the order is sufficient to locate the latest order of a case.


5. Does it support free text search on the text of an order?

Yes. ‘Daily Orders' supports free text search which will enable you in retrieving tall cases containing the group of words mentioned in your query.


6.  For how many days the orders are available?

The Daily Orders the Supreme Court of India are always available on Internet. However, the Daily Orders of Delhi High Court are available only for 15 days.


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