Weekly off during training outside the factory premises/city

i am a skilled permanent worker (labour), working in manufacturing department of a cigarette manufacturing giant in kolkata.

recently our management has planned/ arranged for a technical training in delhi for some skilled worker (including me) for 6 days (from monday to saturday).

my 1st question is, if any of our worker's weekly off falls during the training period, whether our employer is bound give him his scheduled weekly off after coming from the training?

my 2nd question is, whether our management/ employer can compel us to travel by train(either way, delhi to kolkata or kolkata to delhi) on the same day of training?

my 3rd question is, when some worker is going out of the city (where factory is located), does he fall under the the same labour law/ act as he is in the factory.


Training is an opportunity for self development and also upgradation of job skills. Hence an employee should  be flexible to miss or lose an intervening off - rather he gains the employer's trust to encourgage more training opportunities. Secondly travelling is also fine. Thirdly, A workman has equal protection as he works in a facotry, when he is travelling in connecting with a company sponsored/organized training.


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Learned Mr. Vasudevan has given valuable advice. Kindly follow it.

Your company may agree to give transit allowance while traveling to and fro.

Kolkata and Delhi are connected by fast trains like Rajdhani Express. If you catch Rajdhani on Saturday, Sunday morning you shall be at Kolkatta.

Company may agree for such arrangements. Employee should also be willing to cooperate. It is seen that Unions are also pro such training programmes. It adds to the skill of employee. Higher the skill higher the remuneration and demand.

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First, i would like to express my heartiest Thanks to you for your valuable comments on my queries.

i am totally agreed to you that any training offered by employer is beneficial for its employee as it enhances employees skill & quality. but ultimately it will serve the company directly.

skillful & qualified employees are assets for any company as they ensure the sensible & logical proceedings towards the better prospect of the company. it's the matter of human effort utilization, it's upto the company whether the company will go for the better utilization of his present human efforts or hire the skill from outside.

on the other hand worker/ employee gets his rest for the reconditioning of his mental & physical state (and also to spent some valuable hours with his family to boost up either way (if you believe). if an employee could not recondition himself, he can't serve his company with his highest capacity.

more over starting on working day and returning on other working day (crossing the weeky off) is total detachment from his daily schedule & his family and these entire hours are devoted to the training only, training is the part of my job, it's not any pleasure trip.

if you consider the effect of training for any employee to a greater extent for sake of the prospect of the company, there should not be any complication regarding such small thing like weekly off,

it has no doubts that the managers/ decision makers have the highest responsibility to decide for the company's prospect.

no company agrees to hike the wages or fulfill any other demand by the unionized worker only because of their skill, quality or devotion.( pulling some unionised worker to the management category is different thing.)

on the ground of humanity no one should go for any training keeping in his mind that it would help him getting a good new job. this way company could lose the faith on its workers.


It is heartening to note the way you have expressed yourself. Kindly educate peers colleagues friends also to adopt your kind of approach.

If this is the way you and your union puts up to management we see no reason that management shall not be reasonable with you.

This is precisely the way smart employee should represent thus put up his demand coupled with reason and logic. Employees should be vigilant of their rights and at the same time smart enough to get their rights without causing any friction or drift.

If the employee is pro productivity and delivers the employer and union shall work hand in hand. Both the parties shall take care of each other’s interest and benefits.

We have seen enough managements and unions working hand in hand.

Please go ahead and take up the matter with your company.


thanks for your appreciation mr. kumar doab.

we are just trying to get whatever is reasonable for the workers.we know that the prospect of our company will decide the prospect of all the persons who are directly or indirecly related to the company.

so the growth of the company is our prime concern, we will do whatever is good for the company.
at the same time we will also expect some growth of ourselves too.

i want to get your valuable advice regarding the employer & employee relationship, how to improve the it for the benefit of all.

further, i am also concerning about the rights of customer too. if we can please our customer we can servive our company.

thank you.


Line management is eyes and ears of the company. Maintain rapport and cooperate.

Participate, in all meetings with constructive approach. Pass on the feedback gathered from customers.

Suggest tailor made promotion plans for your territories to promote the sales, revenue, quality, image, profitability, market share and leadership, of the company.

Raise your demands in gentle and constructive manner. Promote dialogue and approach all issues logically.



You may find the attachment useful.

Humble Yourself at Work

Positive Attitude

Power of  Shared Values

10 Simple Ways to Motivate Employees

Positive thinking

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