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Ranjan (Network Engineer)     09 June 2012

Washing clothes on terris

Total 6 flats in one compound and i am one ownwer of one flat out of 6. I feel uneasy to wash my clothes in bathroom and want to wash on open terris.


1) First of all want to know i can wash my clothes on open terris or not.

2) If no, want to know the legal reason behind that

3) If yes, then want to know under which section of law the flat owner have freedom to wash his/her clothes on open terris.


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Dr.Chandran Peechulli (Chief Consultants)     09 June 2012

It would not be fair to wash your dirty linen on the terrace which is common to all the flat owners(6). It would cause a public nuisance. A terrace is a place to breathe fresh air or some portion to dry clothes. Why create problem / nuisance to others. Maintain a congenial living atmosphere, with mutual respect in the living area.

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     09 June 2012


Brother Dr.Chandran opinion is right. Terrace is common to all flat occupiers. It is natural justice. No law is interefere in that case. In case of public nuisance the law will appear. 

sri (ceo)     09 June 2012

imagine one starts and all follow... the terrace will be a dhobi ghat... over years the building damages...

no democracy in washing please...

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pradeep (na)     09 June 2012

If you feel uneasy to wash your cloths in bothroom, then feel easy to give this job to a washerman (if you are not one among the community).  You have no moral right to use common place to create nusense, other flat owners will definetely obect for it.

Ajit Singh Cheema (practising Advocate)     09 June 2012

JOy of giving is the joy of living,lets give happiness to others and enjoy the fruit.

shrikant v. sathe (retired)     09 June 2012

Dear Rajan,

                     Other 4 flat occupiers have equal right as you have.But the limitation is your personal right is up to your doorstep,when your cross that enter in common area.Suppose if some falt owner wish to wash his cloth before your door what you will do? If you are washing on terrace,he may want to wash it before your door and you can not take objection for that.What is the jist of this is common area must be used for common purpose only and not for self benefit

Devesh A. Bhatia (Advocate)     20 June 2012


Usually in teh lease deeds and other sale agreements involving common area's, it is specifically mentioned for what purposes those common areas may be used. There are some restrictions applied to the use of common area through common agreement for the benefit of all. Hence, washing clothes in common area is one of the restrictions mentioned in many of the agreements. 

This may prevent you from performing any activity to the displeasure of other co sharers of the common area. 

Dr.Chandran Peechulli (Chief Consultants)     29 July 2012

Some fools like him, feels uneasy to wash clothes in bathroom but instead on the terrace. Such guys cannot get along with the community,  tomorrow he may prefer to turn the terrace into an open-air toilet.

He needs counselling or landing him into a psyciatric ward or thrashing by the Police* belonging to the Home Department, to make him live like other good residents.

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