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GreetingsfromGermany (Entrepreneur)     30 March 2012

Wanted; experienced advocate in delhi/noida


I am German citizen and have two cases with me which will be oin need of legal action. Both Indian business partners tried to threathen me, mentioned their powerful contacts and told me how powerless I will be even woth help of an Indian advocat.

I. Business loan

Given in over a period of 4 years (approx. 35 lakh), several contracts of loan do exist, one bigger conract of loand got  notarized by Dehli High Court in 2009. All Bank transfers had been declared as loan or show purpose of loans. All are overdue, my business partner is playing on time and giving whatsoever excuses. In the meantime other debtee are getting paid off. My business partner is presently selling some of his land (lots is disputed). I am sure, I will not see any of that money either.

How do I make sure that I will be the first debtee getting paid off?

II. Investment in Ayurvedic clinics

In 2008 I had made a 15 lakh transfer (via 3 cheques) to an ayurvedic doctor. Trusting my doctor I forwent on a contract. Despite several reminders I did not get it  and requested the return of the money.

I had to watch how my investment made the doctor purchase shares, property and build a "palace" woth 4 crores. I only got told, he is broke.

Money is transfered in monthly installments to my Indian bank account but without any interest.

There is lots of email communication proving that my transfer was meant as an investment. Last cheque will be due end of 2012. I am sure that without legal help I will not get any pesa interest back. Furtheron the doctor overcharged me on ayurvedic treatments and substracted them from the given investment.

Target: I am claiming interest as usual in the market.


Lots of my Indian friends warned me on those 2 business partners. I was so naiv not believing that people who call you a family member and life-time friend might cheat you.

I love India, I am starting business with a great company in Gujarat and would be glad finding an advocat sharing my beliefs on old values and that this world does not have to surrender towards evil exceptions.


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Md Zaryab J Rizvi (Principal Partner)     31 March 2012

Dear Sir,


There is always a remedy available for issues. The history of cases that you have provided is not complete and hence it would not be advisable to respond to the same.

It is not clear if the loan whe company or to the person in his individula capacity, as both situtation are very different. It is advisable that you can provide more detailed history of cases.

Hope you get proper legal remedy soon.


Zaryab Rizvi (Advocate)


advocatezaryab@gmail.com , www.lczf.in 

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Vijyant Nigam (09807349001) (Advocate)     31 March 2012

the matter requires a confidential conference over it and going through your documents is also necessary so it is advisable to meet in person via lawyersclubindia.com.




GreetingsfromGermany (Entrepreneur)     26 May 2012


Is a copy of attested  document a documentary evidence due to Indian law?
Or is a copy worth nothing?

I attached the modified (data protection) contract.

Attached File : 1059251169 `copy of attested contract modified.jpg downloaded: 177 times







MOB:- +91-9936529111

Email:- ajaikumartandon@gmail.com

Attached File : 942954169 atc profile of ajai tandon by vinod sir.pdf downloaded: 98 times

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