want to teach lesson to father-in-law and there by to wife

Dear Experts,

I am a illfated Husband who got married in 2010 and my wife hardly lived with me for 25 days, left me and filed Maintenance 125crpc and then filed a private case in court as 498A and some other cases against me and and all my family members.  By the grace of GOD, we could able to get Anticipatery Bail and we were saved with out any arrest.  I have waited along time that she and her father, mother know their mistake and they will send her back to me but nothing like happened.  Rather they are still planning to harm me and my family members.  I want to teach a lesson to that family.  My FIL is a Railway officer and is very much corrupted.  He has amased a large amount of properties on his name and his family members names.  With these details and the case papers where they have told the court that they have given me 20L dowry and other gold gifts etc which total may cost upto 30L, i have filed up a "Tax Evasion Petision" on Jan5th 2012.  I have asked in that petition that if they can find out where the FIL got that much amount to give me dowry, and if he confirm that he hasn't gave any such dowry to me, i though of getting that copy and file the same in my cases so that i can get rid of these false cases.  But no officials from Income tax have come back to me with any info.  Can any one guide me how and whom i need to approach so get my Petition taken up and do enquiry and departmental IT procedings against my Father in Law so that i can get the required info that they have not given any dowry or gold gifts to me.  Can i directly file a writ petition in HC to direct Director (Inv) to do investigation into my petition and give me the details i require.  Plz suggest


now file a rti with it dept asking the status of ur tax evasion petition.

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Dear Sir,

I have prepared an application to file an RTIA but my lawer is not allowing me to do so.  He is telling that we will directly file writ in HC, but that also he is not doing.  Actually i have very solid proofs against him.  His daughter (my wife) her self, in MC case cross*xamination, she her self told infront of Judge that her father is the only source of income and they are 4 childern studying MBA/Mtech/Btech in different places.  She also told that her fathers salary as on date is only 40K/month.  But they are having assests worth of more that 2crores as on date market value and i have almost all their property documents and details.  The same i have submitted in TEP with all cross*xamination papers and case papers they and i have filed.  I dont know what my lawyer wants to do in my cases.  In the MC cross examination my wife has told Judge she that she departed from me on the very first day of my marriage.  But she filed 498a.  With the help of this cross*xamination papers myself and all our family members got AB.  In the 498a charge sheet there was no matter against my sis, bro, father and mother and still my lawyer could not able to go for squash petition.  I am having all opportunes to prove myself and my family innocent but nothing is being materialised. 

Sir, can u plz tell me how i can make IT dept to start investigation on my complaint and is there any way that i can give complaint against my FIL (He is working in Railways as Gaz officer), where they can investigate and take action against him and also cease all their illegal properties.  Plz suggest different options as i need to work on them as he is maniplating all these things/details which i am asking his dept and more over he is going to retire next year. 




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