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Want to marry a married man

Hello law experts,

I met this guy in social networking site and he approached me for marriage everything was ok for one month he was suppose to come to meet my parents and talk about our marriage but he postpone the trip (he is from different state and i am from different state) he then gave me a reason saying he got stuck up in a business trip wont be able to make it n all. Later slowy slowy he started avoiding me (2nd month). I forced him to know what exactly is the reason as he wanted to leave me. Then after me forcing him alot he said that he is married and his wife is pregant the very next day he was blessed with a baby boy. His wife said that i will not take care of ur child i will give birth n give it to u. His wife is very dominating and cruel he said in this past 3 years of married life he was not having any understanding and rapport with her. She was very upset with him coz he was mommas boy and he was very caring towards his mother and brother his father expired wen he was 13. He was the only to take care of his mom n younger brother. She wanted to live seprately but he was not ready due to which there was daily fights with her. He was afraid of society and was not ready to live his child n come to me but he still love me alot. This the reason wht he gave me i respected his feelings coz of me there should not be any problem in his life so i step back thou i love him alot. i stop talking to him n chatting with him. He was not able to accept that i left him n gone so he started boozing n all. All this his younger brother was noting n he checked his mobile itemise bill n come to know about me throught that and facebook. His brother n his girl friend called me n said about his current status after i left him he also said that his wife is very bad he was not all happy since past 3 years n his brother loves me alot but due to society and relatives he is not ready to be with u he ask me to talk to him n give him some strong feelings about life n to start a new life. So i started calling him again but still he was ignoring me n avoiding me so i said to his brother that leave him let me live his life he is not ready to come to me n i think tat is right for him n for his son. Still his brother kept on forcing me n he also involved his mother into this n even she started forcing me to give him a life she requested me to come to her house n give suprise visit to him so that to knw wht is his reaction after seeing me first time. So we all plan to give him a surprise n i been there then he said everything to me about his feelings n his afraid abt the society n all. Then we all started planning like to get rid off his wife we then ask him to call her up n tell her that u want to get seprated but she changed her mind coz his brother forcefully got all the property from her mother n ask her to go her in laws place wen she realised that there is no way to go she again wanted to come back to me but he on daliy basis called her n said i want to get sperated n all one fine day she with her child come to his home n stay there. But still we all were trying really hard to get her out he also told her about our relationship to her soon he realised that she is very stubborn n not ready to leave him in this period there was also one problem between him n his brother abt the property. He build his home with his own income n efforts due to IT issuse he registered in his brother name but wen he asked him to transfer the property in his name he was not ready and his mother n brother did a twist n they r now against me n him. They both r supporting his wife n ready to give all the proof to her about his n mine relationship. He is still loving me alot n want to leave his whole family n come to me. Can anybody tell me how wen can proceed coz his wife now will not gve his divorce n do not want stay with his family coz every one have cheated him. He is more hurt now n planning to marry me n stay with me. What all we both have to face in legal aspects even though we get married wen his wife is still there?

Please help....


 22 Replies

Sanjeev (Lawyer)     03 November 2011

Dont waste your life with a married man and spoil his and his new born childs life. There is no way he can get divorce from his wife if she is unwilling. There may be some misunderstandings between him and his wife but still those can be sorted out. But your relation dont hold any value in eyes of law




But about some women out here who think its Part of Indian Culture? They'll love it.

Originally posted by :LOVE THE CREEPS
But about some women out here who think its Part of Indian Culture? They'll love it.



The girl in this photograph seems to be insane,with her shabby,untidy hair..:)

Who is this?


I am talking of the spectacled girl above, representing Ms. Hypocritic's photo

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     03 November 2011

Originally posted by :LOVE THE CREEPS
But about some women out here who think its Part of Indian Culture? They'll love it.



Who are those women in LCI who said that having affairs with married men is Indian culture.


Please post the exact extract where you read so.



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How conscious you are.


You changed the photograph I pointed at,and then deleted your account in just 1/2 an hr. of my above comments...


Come on!


I did not know you are so conscious and frustrated at the same time.That you are trying hard to seek attention.


Anyways,good luck with your next ID creation at LCI,in order to seek attention again..;)


Dear Experts,

Please suggest as per the legal matters... What all we both have to face even tough we get married.


glimpy (Lab admin)     04 November 2011

OMG.. I think you should not go for this kind of step, it will ruined many lifes.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     04 November 2011

" Women are women's worst enemy jiyo re Bharat Ratna social networking site undergoing emotional atyachar on desi devi ji."


I am not the enemy of any woman.I am the enemy of arrogance which was being shown here by a snob.

Some men hate it when women treat them as doormats.Yet they make fun of tthose who snub such female snobs for their arrogance.


Yesterday I snubbed that "creepy looking" female for she was constantly saying that she wants her partner to be a doormat and a slave to her.I said so because I cannot digest anyone treating his wife/husband as a slave.


So I wonder why Tajobs is commenting like this...Or is he a hypocrite himself?Maybe he too wants his would be to treat him like a ..... 



Welcome back to LCI.I say welcome back because I guess you deleted your LCI profile only yesterday,and created this new one;)


Big boss mein shakti kapoor..

LCI big boss mein my Old desi papaji!!!

what a similarity..!!!!!!!!!!

papapji lunch kar liya?



coming back after 1hr..

tin tin tin.....tin!!


princess sweetie,I finally found you after moving through the entire universe. Lets get married fast or else you'll regret it. INSANE YOU!!...SO AM I!!!


Sweetie you are not creepy looking at all. I find you as beautiful as me even though my gender is not known to even GOD. I AM AS TRADITIONAL INDIAN STUFF LIKE YOU AND LIKE YOU DON'T WORRY I TOO BEILEVE THAT WOMEN SHOULD be treated like doormats AND I'LL PROVE THAT VERY SECOND WHEN WE GET MARRIED. YOU'LL FIND MY GENDER WHEN WE GET MARRIED. BE QUICK AND DON'T WASTE MY TIME.

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