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Shiva......... (owner)     02 January 2014

Useful tip - e mai l/ sms

Dear friends and Experts

Till now there were so many discussions regarding how to submit e mails and SMS's as evidence in the court. What i did in my case was i took help of Truth lab to authenticate my sms's and e mails. Its a private forensic science laboratory with cyber crime experts. If need arises the experts will come to court to give evidence. Yesterday i submitted my e mail and sms authentication report to the court which was accepted in the court and exhibited without any objection. I guess it may help me to prove my innocence.

I would like to know if anybody else has similar experience with such kind of services.   


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rupeshgangurde (technician)     02 January 2014

Yes sir I did it, but opposites deny it, hence court directed me to verify it from mobile service provider & police, as per evidence act

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     03 January 2014

Dear Querist

according to section 65B of Indian Evidence act the electronic documents can be accept as an evidence.

Shiva......... (owner)     03 January 2014

It's difficult to retrieve sms sent 3years back. Services provider won't have those sms sent more than a month back. Hence only way is to retrieve the sms from the cell phone memory through a expert and submit to court as authentic documents.

Need Help... (MIS-Executive)     03 January 2014

Dear SHiva.. agreed But

i have some query... How much u paid for that.... ? What was the cost... ?

Plssssss inform that also

Can its helps to us for our own mobile number and wife number also... ?

Shiva......... (owner)     03 January 2014

For one cell phone it's 7000 and per email it's 2000. It's bit expensive.but very usefu.

Ravi (a)     03 January 2014


i have dozens of videos & voice that will help me prove my innocence. similarly, i have her emails/SMSes stored.

i have stored them in CD, pen drive and at various places and i also forgot where i kept the originals.

is there any way to say this voice/video/sms/email be treated as original? pl advise.

Shiva......... (owner)     03 January 2014

At this lab they have audio, video cyber experts. You can contact them and they will help you

Vivek (manager)     03 January 2014

How do you ensure the authenticity of deleted messages? I am asking czo, my wife is very intelligent and while several messages(Some 100) are exchanged b/w us, she is showing only few messages which favors her. So how to prove innocense in such case.

For eg: My wife first used foul/slang for which i rplied aggressively. Now she has deleted her messages and showing only my aggressive message. SO hw to prove innocence in such case?




If wife shows private conversation within family made using e-mail or SMS or viber communication or whatsapp or facebook chat in the court room, can husband file privacy law suit on her? 

Shiva......... (owner)     04 January 2014

You can't do anything for your wife's cell phone. If you have any important sms in your cell phone then it's good for you. Sms can be either in inbox or outbox. Either way it's good. But you just can't do anything foryour wife's cell phone. Sometime experts will be able to retrieve the deleted sms also. But not for all cases.

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