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Mr. VST (Manager)     21 October 2012

Urgent help advise required


Dear All Respected Forum Members ,

I will explain my case shortly and would request advise from various Members on this forum .

1. Since marriage in 2009 my wife has been very quarrelsome and abusive does nto respects anyone in family .

2. I kept quiet keeping hope that with time things will improve , but in Jan 2012 this year she left home and did not come back due to very small quarrel on milk issue .

3. I did not ask her to come back and suddenly she came back herself after 4-5 days .

4. then finally from Jan - March we requested girl parents to sit down and look at the issues and solve it but they did not gave any positive response .

5.She use to abuse me on facebook and gtalk with abusive words and other tag lines which portrayed by my wife to  to everyone on facebook and gtalk that I am a bad person .

6. I have save all the abuses on internet done to me .

7. Finally in April we sent a legal notice to them saying that if they do not mutualy solve this issue we will file petition in court for divorce , but gir and her family did not replied to this notice .

8. Then Girl started coming home late in night some days in mid night after 12 and sometimes she did not come back home at all over weekends , when i asked her where she is she says  its none of my business .

9. to above i sent a telegram to girls parents about her behaviour of being missing from home during nights but no response and i used to send a sms also to her parents cell pphone informing them about girl is missing from home during the night ( all evidences are saved with me )

10. Finally now it was July 2012 and her father expired even though she abused me and did everything i still went to her parents house and completed alll my responsibilities for 3-4 days there taking leave from office .

11. But they misbehaved with me and did not even offer me water / tea in their house even though i was there for 4 days , but i still did not say anything to her .

12 .Since her father death she is staying with her mother ( her both kidneys are non functioning so she needs someones support ) without any information to me and did not come back to her matrimonial home  .

13. in Sept 2012 her bro called me and asked me he needs he sis clothes which r at my home of winters i told him u can take all but pls sit down and sort the issue we even had minor arguements over phone on this issue .

14 . i never expected but same day in night at 2 AM he came to my house with 5 goons and threatened to murder me and collected the clothes abused me and beated me and went away and even threatened to kill my father .

15 . after above happened i finally filed a petition in court in dehradun for divorce under grounds of mental cruetly , i have evidences of internet of abuse done to me since last 3 yrs and other day to day incidences i mentioned but i have no evidences to day to day incidences for eg when i used to give her medicine for some pain she used to throw it away and said nakli dawai hai .


16 . As soon as court isssued summon to her for hearing on 8th Sept 2012 , She went and complained to Mahila Helpline in Dehradun , and they called me today and said today is councelling why i was missig ? i said i have no clue about any counselling or date then the lady explained me that my wife has given some application there reg our dispute when i asked what is in the application she refused to tell and asked me to visit them on next available date in next week .

17 . My Question is if i have filed case in court should i go to Mahila Helpline if they call me should i skip it ?

18 . What other action can i take ? some advises are welcome , pls advise





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Vishnu Sharma (9716555911) (Consultant)     21 October 2012


good as you have saved all the evidences please keep it up.You should go to the Police cell as you have recieved a call and should explain all the matter.

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498 A fighter (Advocate)     21 October 2012

you just consult to your advocate and fist try to save by DV and dowry case yourself as you soon may be hit by them.

real maximum post and replies related to 498A and divorce posted on LCI . when her brother came to your house and beat you then why dont you file complain immediately?

ok no problem no you can mention it in your application , keep all the proofs with you safe and just inform the matter ot all officirs o f your area ,

keep away from them send your parents and family members to some remote place

just read article of bharat chugh sir how to fing with false 498A , and then proceed ,

dont waste your time any time you may be arrested now. be prepared for AB also.

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Mr. VST (Manager)     21 October 2012

Dear Aneesh Ji ,

Tks for ur reply after reading ur post i have few questions .

1. She has submitted application in Mahila Helpline and they are asking me to come for counselling in next week i agreed to it , But u say she can file false DV / Dowry , if she would have complained this to mahila helpline in her applicaiotn  they would have taken action against me till now ? am i right or not ?

2. What do u feel is the reason for her to go to mahila help line she could have filed a counter case or attended the first hearing date as per sumon issued to them and there she should defend herself ?

Kindly pls throw more light on these issues .

498 A fighter (Advocate)     21 October 2012

if you got notice in written from mahila thana then only you go there

Mr. VST (Manager)     21 October 2012

Dear Anish Ji , They have not sent anything in written , just a phone call

498 A fighter (Advocate)     21 October 2012

Remmber even police are big cheaters they are first citizen who brakes the law,

as you go there she may file complain on you and you may get arrested immediately , then your hard work start at that moment, go alone there keep others outside without knowing them,

dont go on holiday or on comming holidays if they arrest you then you did not get bail till working day comes.

go on monday morining with your advocate and keep all the papars of bail ready.

first they take money from girl side to arrest you to harrase then from your side to bail you to weak her case,

all mahila in mahila thana always favor girls why they show sympathy to you? obvious you can understand,

first tell them send notice through anymeans they have man for sending this get docment notice

then immediately go to sp office now and give application that you have fear that your wife may file false cases on you,

you are called for councelling but you scared of her being arrested if she lodge any fir then treat it as false she is not living me from so and so date etc etc..they proceed.

first any how save yourself in any condition dont dare to go bare hand yes become "HIJDA" as they in laws provoke you but dont get excited this is ther e  game plan , yes you say i am coward i am hijda i am not suuny deol not salman khan i am simple man who have fear you are lion strongest animal on this earth, i am much better in my home run on this policy only you will be safe.

sibasish pattanayak (lawyer)     21 October 2012

Hello Mr. VST. YOU must go to the mahila ploice cell for councelling, but before that you may write to the head of Police with a request to provide a copy of complaint, mention there that the mahila police cell refused to provide the same, on the other hand you may file a PUT UP PETITON before the LD Court where the mat .suit is pending , with an application on affidavit. then you go to the mahila police along with all copies. You have missed the train by not filling any criminal case against your BIL and others on crime at midnight, lets go . regards sibasish pattanayak Advocate 09874854594 /09231668664 /09777090999 mail : sibasish_adv@yahoo.co.in pattanayaksibasish@gmail.com

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rajiv_lodha (zz)     21 October 2012

Do visit Mahila Thana, but do 2 yhings:

1) Obtain photocopy of her compliaint b4hand by paying a small br*be

2) Get Anticipatory Bail/Notice Bail

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Mr. VST (Manager)     22 October 2012

Dear Members ,

Finally i recieved a hand written notice from Mahila helpline saying that my wife has filed a complaint in women help line against me and i need to be present on 29-10-2012 at 10 am and this handwritten notice is signed by some  Prabhari of mahil Help Line .

Now problem is on 29th i am not available n travelling , its not possible for to attend the date .


What should i do pls guide 




498 A fighter (Advocate)     22 October 2012

ok no problem what is your problem you submit tomorrow in mahila thana in written and take receiving in that you request for another date very politely you mention your reason , and mention such a reson which is acceptable in all condition, example : an operation of family member and you have to be present their,

your tratment appointment , your interview which you cant avoid[ use in in worst situation otherwise your wife use it for her maitnenance case]

marriage in which yuo must have to be present,

dont mention court hearing date but you can mention yourself witness for any legal case but not in crimininal otherwise they also relate you with criminals.

you can mention or choose any reason and with that reason you must have proof of your working

and now onwards start collecting evidences proof mahila thana receipt with seal is first document you got,

second doc is your application requestion to give another date,

and remember seal of relevant offeicer and office should must. othewise your doc is not valid in court

from today start doing reqular check of your [ any decease] at regular interval of 10.or 15 days in govement hospital and collect prescripttiton also take medicine bills but not medicine from any drugist

this will help you lot. in future

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