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Bhushan Khatri (Properietor)     08 September 2010

Urgent advice on a Criminal Matter

I need urgent advice on how to register a case  & a FIR against a crime committed by high ranking officials of the Police department through Mumbai High Court with the help a Criminal Lawyer , under the most stringent Sections of the IPC.

1. The procedure to file a petition.

2. The Sections of the IPC that fit the case.

3. The outcome or the expected Jugdement.

4. The names of a few economical, Practicing Criminal Lawyers of Mumbai High Court

The Case

Subject: Illegally, Unlawfully, forcefully Trespassing, grabbing and retaining my Parental Property on the 1st floor & 3rd of Padam Market, Netaji Road , Ulhasnagar-421002, with the help of Police Officials by breaking the Locks of the building on the ground floor, 1st floor & 3rd floor by Shri. Deepak Khatri along with PSI Mr. Bawar, ASI Mr. Gadary, Writer to PSI Mr. Jadhav & two female constables, under the supervision of Senior Inspector of Police of Ulhasnagar-1 Police Station, Mr. K.S.Bharte and under the Orders & Instructions of DCP-zone-4, Shri. Sanjay Yenpure on 2nd February 2010 and for which I have their written confessions and statements, admitting to their involvement in the crime,  as well as video and audio clipping of the entire incident, clearly showing PSI Mr. Bawar, ASI Mr. Gadary and Mr. Jadhav in Khaki, who are suppose to be the Guardians of Law are committing the Crime themselves

 In spite of my repeated complaints, reminders, visits and instructions in writing to Act from senior-ups like the Office of the Home Minister, Shri. R.R. Patil, Honorable Guardian Minister, Shri. Ganesh Naik, the Deputy Secretary Home, Mantralaya, the Director General of Police, Shri D. Shivanandan to the Commissioner of Police-Thane, Shri. Anil Dhere. No action has been taken as yet, not even a single F.I.R has been registered against Shri. Deepak Khatri  and his men and the Police Officials involved for illegally breaking the locks of my godowns and grabbing unlawful and forceful Possession from me, on 2nd February 2010 under the instructions of D.C.P Shri. Sanjay Yenpure and Senior P.I. Shri. K.S. Bharte, without any orders from the Courts and/or the Judiciary, and with the help of police and for which I have video and audio shooting showing five Policeman in uniform helping Mr. Deepak Khatri breaking the locks of my godowns as well as written Statements and Confessions by PSI Mr. Bawar, Senior PI Mr. K.S.Bharte, D.C.P. Zone -4 Mr. Sanjay Yenpure, admitting of their role in the Crime , which I obtained through the Right to Information act from the Commissioner’s office – Thane.


The matter has also been highlighted by TV9 News Channel on the 30th August 2010 Live at 7.30pm as  well as on the 31st August and 1st Sept 2010 for at least 10 to 12 times.

The matter has also been reported to His Excellency , the Governor of Maharashtra.


Email: bhushankhatri@rediffmail.com

Mobile: 09096159191







 6 Replies

Jeetendra singh (Advocate)     08 September 2010

You can take help of a good lawyer. In sec 156 (3) crpc court has power to lodge an FIR to proceed the investigation.

G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     08 September 2010

with a help of a good lawyer you can file a private complaint 

P.K.Haridasan (Advocate)     09 September 2010

Seek expert assistance in proceedings. Find out a good Lawyer to deal this  litigation 

Vishwa (translator)     10 September 2010

Having been in a similar situation, I can sympathise with you. However, there is little hope for you when the system itself is so corrupt. I suggest that you write to the Home Minister in Delhi and to senior officers in the CEntral Home Ministry. They have powers over the state police. The state police is usually under the thumbs of corrupt political netas who cannot and will not help. Best of luck.


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DEEPAK ASSOCIATES (08010117611)     10 October 2010

i suggest vishwa is right

wringle (hhh)     13 October 2010

I was in uk as a student for last 8 years and during my studies i had a baby girl who is 5 now i broke up with my partner wen she was 1 year old.and when my studies finished i went to court for a contact order i was not married to my ex but my names on the birth certificate and when i was going through the court my father passed away in Pakistan and i had to come back and couldn't attend the court and was denied the contact and my visa has run out now so i am in Pakistan ive spoken to allot of uk solicesters and they all have said to me that until i am over 65 i cant see my daughter so this means i m 28 now so i can never see my baby again my ex has moved on i have begged her that please let me see my daughter but she is making false accusations about violence and ive never been violent towards her i don't have any bad habits i don't drink no drugs ive no criminal record.i have the money to fight the court battles and i am more than willing to pay twice the child maintenance in exchange i just wanna be a part of my daughter life and than there is an immigration matter as well i am not a British citizen can you please advise me what can i do my life can never move on until my daughters in my life.please advice me and i know pakistanis have got a very bad reputation in uk but dont judge me just help me if u can please

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