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unsolicited calls/sms inspiteof registered to do not disturb


I am using Telecommunication Services of a company for my basic mobile for past 6 to 7 years. But for past 4 years I am getting constantly harassed by Telemarketers of Banking domain inquiring about getting a loan or credit card. I have been ignoring the unsolicited calls/sms for past 3 years now. But since last 7 to 8 months, I've started investigating about these unsolicited calls/sms when I had to deal with a very vulgar icommunication related incident on my mobile.

When I got in touch with the Apellate authority of this telecom company regarding unsolicited calls/sms, initially they said my DND registration with the company was removed by the call center guys. Then again I got myself registered to DND 6 to 7 months back. But still the unsolicited calls/sms had not stopped. 

I've been registering DND complaint with the Tele company, for every unsolicited call/sms as a result, for which they investigate at their end by reaching out to the Telemarketer by sending a warning letter and finally TRAI takes a decision on the proofs submitted by the Tele company. This is what being told to me by the Appellate authority of this Tele company.

I reached out to the Apellate authorities to share the details with me like owner name and address of these Telemarketers harassing me. I even reached out to the Banks under whose names these callers had been offering me Banking products like loans and credit card. One of the bank replied to my mails and asked me to reach out to the police as the numbers from which I am getting calls does not belong to those banks or their associated parties. Inspite of sharing all this information with the Telecom companies Apellate authorities; the Appellates asked me to reach out to Police for information on these Telemarketers, as only Police has rights to share such details with me. 

On reaching out to police they refused to divulge the details of the owners of these mobile#'s as they do not see it as a crime. They suggested me to give up the phone# and go for a new one or just ignore such calls. Their argument is that even they receive such unsolicited calls/sms. Also they wont be able to even register a complaint as there has been no threats issued to me by these Telemarketers. But again when I explain to them about an incident of one vulgar call I received like 8 to 9 months ago, for which a complaint was registered at Police station; but till date I've not even received any information like name/address of the owner of that mobile# from the police. They keep saying they will share the details on that vulgar caller with me. But the incident happened in the month of March 2018, with no details shared as of yet on that vulgar caller. Also they've closed my e-complaint which I had registered online asking for information on the owners of the numbers that had been sending unsolicited sms/calls to me.The Police is asking me to get the information on the Telemarketers from the Telecom company and the Telecom company is asking me to reach out to Police. 

I want to take some action on,

1> The number from which I got an vulgar(Ashlil) call

2> The Telemarketers who had been calling me in the name of the Banks

Also seems TRAI is not taking any action as they had been in every escalation mail I had sent till now. Going by my experience I smell some good relationship of these Telemarketers with the Tele company. 

Nowadays the resolution given by TRAI/Telecom Service Provider for every DND complaint of mine, is that I am opting for these services of the Telemarketers which is outrageous. I am being told by Apellate Authority of my Telephone Service Provider that my mobile# inspite of being registered to DND exists in these Telemarketers database, implying that I've opted to receive Sales & Promotional calls from the Telemarketers. I am arguing with them that the Telemarketers Database should be in Sync with TRAI database and I've not opted for any such unsolicited calls, but still no action is been taken by my Telecom Service Provider nor Police.

How to proceed here as neither the Apellate Authority nor the Police is co-operating to divulge details on these Telemarketers?

Please suggest.

Retired Manager

Just download True Caller and install in your phone. Once the phone comes, block the caller. From that number no further calls come.


By choice, I carry a basic phone and not a smartphone. Again Truecaller is not a resolution. As I keep getting calls from different numbers everytime. TRAI terminates a telemarketers number, they get a new connection and start again the harassment.

Check the below action taken by TRAI on these telemarketers regarding unsolicited calls,

Complaint against 7xx7852xx3. TM already blacklisted
Complaint against 865748xxx8. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 865747xxx1. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 8xxxxxxx40. Service SMS/Call
Complaint against 9xxxxxxxx6. Subscriber disconnected.
Complaint against 755xxxxxx4. Subscriber disconnected.
Complaint against 95xxxxxx60.  Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 9xxxxxx245.  Subscriber disconnected.
Complaint against 73xxxxxxx3. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 70xxxxx030.  Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 74xxxxxx40. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 97xxxxxx73. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 99xxxxxxx7.  Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 11xxxxxx21. Incomplete/incorrect info
Complaint against 96xxxxxxx4. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 89xxxxxx31. Not Promotional In Nature.
Complaint against 97xxxxxxx0. Subscriber disconnected.
Complaint against 745xxxxxx4. TM already blacklisted. Never Registered
Complaint against 8xxxxxxxx3. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 7xxxxxxxx7. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 787xxxxx03. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 73xxxxxx85. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 77xxxxxx99. Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 87xxxxx587.  Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 83xxxxxx83.  Subscriber disconnected
Complaint against 9890xxxxx2.  CDR does not match
Complaint against 78xxxxxxx4.  Subscriber disconnected


Check below the action taken by TRAI for unsolicited sms,

Complaint against IM-RSINBX.  Opted Preference
Complaint against VK-HLTKRT. Complaint Registered, Verification in Progress
Complaint against BZ-KUNDAN.  Opted Preference.
Complaint against BH-HEALTH. Complaint against BH-HEALTH.  CDR does not match.
Complaint against VM-VFCARE. Complaint Registered, Verification in Progress
Complaint against AD-ZRICKS.  Service SMS/Call
Complaint against BW-GAYAKA. Opted Preference.
Complaint against MD-SUBWAY. Not A Telemarketer
Complaint against BT-JONKYB. Complaint Registered, Verification in Progress
Complaint against MD-PHARMA.  Not A Telemarketer

Complaint against VK-JONKYB.  Opted Preference


I've even tried to reach out to the originating source providers where these telemarketers are registered, but no response received till date.

What I am looking out for is some legal way to fetch information of the owners of this unsolicited call/sms? 



Even today I received a call in the name of ICICI Bank offering credit card. When I warned the caller that I will take a legal action like going to court OR register a Police Complaint, the caller shamelessly said,"Do go to court or Police".

Is there no legal way to get information on the Telemarketers that harass us inspite of being registered to DND? As it clearly is an act of breaking a law by calling a customer who is registered as DND in TRAI database? 




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