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Dev (NA)     11 December 2014

Unlawful and outrageous remand in women cell

To all those who are humanitarians:


Mr. X was slapped with a 498a suit by his wife without any grounds and he visited the women cell in Rajasthan to deal with it. The Police assured him that they would help him and would get him bailed out the next day of his arrest on the records. So Mr. X was in PC for one night. His family members brought to the PS the gifts that were given to Mr. X's wife in marriage by her parents. However, the wife did not come to the PS the next day to receive her belongings intentionally so that Mr. X would suffer in the PC for one more day. The following night the wife visited the PS with her parents and relatives. Mr. X watched their actions, reactions, and heard their conversation with the police staff. The IO who seemed to be an honest person at first, revealed his real face after getting Mr. X in his custody. The police staff was all drunk that night and took Mr. X in their jeep. The police took him to a place Mr. X could not recognize because on the way they put a piece of cloth on his eyes and around his head. Mr. X was in a terrified condition and sensed that he was going to undergo very badly and that he had made a serious mistake by trusting the IO. Mr. X asked the police where they were taking him to but there was no reply, only slaps on his face.


Finally, Mr. X found himself in a dark room where he was able to recognize his wife's parents but there were some other men who were standing a few feet away from him. The wife's parents beat him badly and the other men ripped Mr. X's off his clothes. When they were satisfied, the police blinded Mr. X again and took him back to the PS and put him in the custody. Mr. X's wife was not seen there. She could have been present there but Mr. X could not figure it out that time. Moreover, her mother said: "Make a video of this naked guy and we will put it to good use in future."


The IO threatened Mr. X in these words:


"If you dared to tell the judge about this incident tomorrow when we take you in front of him, you will have more charges against you and your family members and shall suffer more badly than this. So, keep your mouth shut in front of the judge and do not utter a single word. You have not got me  any 40000/- yet which I asked for to help you. I will see that you go to JC and do not get any bail tomorrow either."


The IO late at night once again horrified the situation of Mr. X by using abusive language for his sisters and even for his 498a wife. A police constable there stopped the IO from further assaulting him.


People, does Mr. X have any rights of living the life of a normal human being? Can Mr. X get his soul justice by fighting the menace done to him? Is there a way to make Mr. X forget that he was beaten by his wife's parents and friends and was made stand naked in front of them?


People, can you help Mr. X bring peace to his aggrieved soul? Can you feel his pain and do more than just sympathizing with him? Sympathy would make Mr. X more weak. He needs justice delivered to him.






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Dev (NA)     22 January 2015

Could someone please reply to my query above?

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