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Nanda (PROP)     29 December 2012

Unauthorized transfer of money from bank accounts

I and my wife have cash credit limit in Uco Bank for Rs2000000/- each against property in june 2009. Within 3-4 months after limit was sanctioned, huge amounts were transacted from my and my wife's account. Couple of entries were around Rs1200000/-. Thesewere equally transacted from both the accounts and werereverted back after  1-2 months,The total unauthorized transaction in each account are upto 5000000/-. Finally on finacial year ending , the effective difference in each account was of Rs275000/-. I may mention that the bank hasbeen charging interest from us even on these illegal transactions and the difference of Rs 275000/- is apart from interest amounts.on financial year ending March 2010, we asked for the balance certificates just to know that how much money we have used.TheBranch Manager gave us a false certificate covering Rs 275000/-. which wasrevealed when after some time, we asked for the statement of accounts where the difference of balance as 31.3.10 was entirely different. In the mean time we again asked for the fresh balance certificate pretending that we have lost earlier ones, now we got the differen certificate with difference of Rs275000/- in each account. Now we have two different certificates issued by the bank showing differen balances for the same date.

Then we started enquiring and thereafter writing many  Regd. letters to the Bank but every time we were verbally  told that mistkes are being looked into and shall be rectified soon, but nothing happened. Even we asked for the complete information  under RTI viz. copy of transfer vouchers, names of the person whom the money has been transferred, but we got a reply from the bank three months back that the vouchers are not traceable at present.

Secndly we asked Bank under RTI to provide us the copies of signed loan doccuments which were not provided to us at the time of sanctioning the limit.In that response we recieved the certified copies of the doccuments. That revealed that there is mentioned in the Promissory note that minimum interest will be charged 2% above the BPLR i.e 14.5% PA. There is no agreement signed by us or any clause or doccument that the Bank can increase the interest rate.But the Bank s charging us 17% PA. Even on the website of the Bank, it is clearly mentioned that whenever there will be change in iterest rate, the existing customers will be informed within 15days from such change,But the Bank has never written any letter or intimated us regarding this change. Can bank charge higher interest rate when there is no agreement or any doccument signed by us for such increae. Moreover in the statement of accounts even no iterest rate is mentioned.

Finally difference in amount as on 30.11.12 has come upto Rs 500000/- in each account inclusive of interest @ 14.5%.

We are senior citizens and have been highly mentally harrased by this attitude of the Bank. Now we have decide to take up the matter with consumer Court and decided to ask for the equal amount of compensation besides reversal of enteries including interest @ 14,5% which comes to Rs 500000/- in each account.

Can sombody please advice us as we are really passing through very high mental pressure in this age and the Bank even does not bother to reply our letters.


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sujnyanendra (Proprietor)     30 December 2012


There is a way out for this if you follow it. The alterations in your balance certificate and statement of accounts and charging of interest excessive than contractual rate is purely a criminal breach. Contact me through mail - sujnyap@gmail.com. I will suggest a simple way to you. I have gone all through this. I would be happy to share my knowledge with you free of cost.

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