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Ashish (MANAGER)     26 February 2015

Transfer of domestic viloence case from nashik to mumbai

Dear Experts,

My wife has filed a false Domestic Viloence case on 12th Feb 2015 in Nashik court against me and my aged parents. The case is in Verification stage. I have fiiled a divorce case in Mumbai court in July 2014...after the summons were issued by Mumbai court wife filed a false Domestic violence case. All these days she was quite and once the Mumbai court summons went this lady filed a false Domestic vilonnce case in Nashik

Experts please advise me the following.

1) can this false domestic viloence case can be transferred from Nashik to Mumbai and how much time it will take

2) I asked my lawyer but I am not convinced with his reasons...he said to me that only 498A  case can be transferred but not Domestic vilonence case..I found his answer very unconvincing

3) The lawyer said to me that even the wife can transfer the Mumbai divorce case..the status of this case is Notice Unready to Nashik....I found this reason as well very absurd

4) Experts its a clear case where the lawyer is not very helpful and not willing to co-operate. my mom and dad are over 70 years of age and they cannot travel more than 200KM. 

I request your kind help here...

Thanks and Regards,Ashish


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ADVOCATE TRILOK (CRIMINAL family PROPERTY )     26 February 2015

You have posted your problem on many threads.


Absurd or silly but you have to work through advocate only.


DV cases are creeping unguarded weapons in the hands of the other party.


Engage an expert advocate and take care from beginning.

Ravi (a)     26 February 2015

hello -

dont worry. goto high court bombay and file a permanent exemption for your parents in both 498a and DV cases. considering them as senior citizens, the high court will defintely give you the relief. act on it faster.

I also approached high court last year and got exemption relief for my parents.

ADVOCATE TRILOK (CRIMINAL family PROPERTY )     26 February 2015

Mr Ravi you must have  gone  to HC through advocate or  have   got  got the orders yourself. And you only got exemption which is easy to get even from lower court.


Far such minor matters no body goes to HIGH COURT.


This litigant want transfer of the case , please help him since he says he has so for got silly absurd advice from legal persons.

Ravi (a)     26 February 2015


i filed a quash petition for both my parents in 498a and DV last year.

in 498a, the quash was not granted but appearance of my parents for every hearing is exempted.

in DV, the quash was dismissed but appearance of my parents for every hearing is exempted.

all this was done thru High Court lawyer only.

Ashish (MANAGER)     26 February 2015

Thankyou Mr. Trilok and Mr. technically the transfer of DV case is possible from Nashik to mumbai by giving an application in High Court. 

Ashish (MANAGER)     26 February 2015

at the same time i need to also give an application wherein I can quash this false DV case though the same is registered in Nashik...thanks for the advise..will engage a good HC lawyer soon..once again thanks Mr.trilok and Mr. Ravi Best Regards Ashish

Sachin Agarwal (Learner in Law)     01 July 2015

Yes DV is transferrable. Recently Supreme Court did it.

Misuse of women oriented laws is rampant. International movement to check it is going on.

call 0888-2-498-498. 

visit :

All assistance is free. 

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