traffic policeman takes our bike key

Hi everyone,
This question is not for the most of the police men who behave good.
but for few.

I have this doubt for a long time..if a traffic police man stops us and asking for paper and whether we produce them or not ! do they have right to take our bike key? or do they have right to keep our driving license with them?

Thanks in advance.

They can, but they need to follow the due process acknowledging the confiscation of the vehicle and the driving licence. Such actions should not be the mere tactics to overawe the citizen even if he is on the wrong side of law.


In my opinion, police shouldn't have rights to take our license and bike at that moment since, they have to follow legal proceed and proceed under the law.
Retired employee.

If you want authentic information, always use RTI Route and seek from District Supdt of Police information as follows:

Information solicited:

1. Please provide me the laid down orders/law that permits a traffic policeman a) for snatching the keys of a vehicle while checking the documents. and for keeping them in custody without returning to the owner of the vehicle.

2.The authority of the police in taking away Vehicle C Book and driving license from the rider.

3.The name of superior officer, his mobile no. with whom the matter can complain about such violations by Police


Deputy Manager

Oh, the same sh*t, the 'RTI', as if it is a panacea for every ill. However, the original querist Sh. Vignesh is preached (though it is your repeat query) "that the police ought to not have done so". But the problem is that 70% of the Indians would clap with joy when they see a policeman beating/punishing the public on road, lathi charge the poor labourers because they were on the road, when the police man thought that they should have been inside their houses for dying. In the same way, even if you dare to move the complaint in the court, the people present there would laugh or jeer on you, treating you a super fool. Dear Vignesh, it is India, the top most sadistic and racist country in the world. So, it is up to you whether to go ahead, complaining against the policeman or sit inside your house like a 'Shikhandi'.

thank you so much everyone for the comments.



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