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Dear All,

We are software development firm and will like to get our logo and the name of the company Trademarked.Can any one suggest me how it can be done and what will be the costing for the same.

What all will be the things which need to be taken care of.


Rekha Roy



Let us know where you are based? I am dealing with TM registration and working for a Law Frim dealing speacially with IPR matters.


Hi Suchitra,

We are based at Lucknow



Rekha Roy

Practising Company Secretary

Dear Madam,

We would like introduce ourselves as a Company Secretary firm based at NCR of Delhi. We may assist  you in this matter. If required you may call us at + 91 99 53 54 1408.

Our mail id is gyaneshwar.sahai@gmail.com.

Gyaneshwar Sahai, FCS

Attorney -IPR- 09923552956

TM registration is not much costly, but it depends upon the Law Firm or Attorney/Agent you are appointing on your behalf to do the things. You need to do the prior search which will enable you to know whether someone allready has the similar mark.log register under same class. If yes then you hav to modify/change your mark/logo to make it distinct from other. You enturst the matter to you attorney & he'll do the all the necessory things. If you want we'll help you to get your mark/logo and name register.


Atul Suryavanshi

Attorney - IPR @ Justa Causa Legal Associates



Dear Rekha,

As u asked about the formalties and expenses of the trade mark registartion, let me explain the formalties can be explained only by someone who is expert of the trade mark registration keeping in view the facts and the logo and name suggested by you.  Apart from that, the government fee for moving one such application in a particular classs is Rs.3,500/- and above it there will be the professional fee of the expert who will move such application on your behalf and will attend the date of hearing if any.  We are in the field of trade mark, copyright, design registration, litigation, patent litigation (IPR).  For any query in this regard, you may contact us at mob.#09818906064 at any time.

Natwar Rai, Advocate


Hi Rekha

For getting trademark registration, firstly you will be required to go for a trademark search, which will help you to know if the name you want is avaialble or not.

If it is there than you will be required to fill in the application with the LOGO and all details with an application fee of Rs. 3500/- . If you go through law firm or lawyers, they have there specific professional fees which varies.  

If anyhting else you want to know, you can mail me at advsnigdha27@gmail.com



Snigdha Sharma

Corporate Commercial & IP Lawyer

@ Rekha,

Procedure remains very simple...

1) Trademark Search

2) Filing Application through TM Attorney

3) After 14 - 18 months, you can get TM registered certificate. (If there is no opposition or objection)

We can help you to file TM application.



Trademark Attorney & IP Lawyer

IP Lex Global Services

Email: nagaraja_bs@iplexglobal.in

Mob: 9902007635


Dear Atul,


Wen s trademark 2011 exam gonna held?

wat s the scope of it?

Is it possible to get a job with basic knowledge in IP (no experience)

Attorney - JC Law Firm


Dear Bharat,

1. The IP Office does not announce separate exam for TM Agent. The graduate who wants to get registered as TM Attorney/agent need to file the details and apply to The Registrar in Form TM-1. On receipt of such application, the Registrar, if satisfied that the applicant fulfils the prescribed qualifications, shall appoint a date in due course on which the candidate will appear before him for a written examination in Trade Marks Law and practice followed by an interview.

2. TM Agent is a person authorised to do any act on behalf of others for getting TM registered, other than the making of an affidavit. 

3. Yes of course, the person with basic knowledge can get job, but his future and career profile depends on his performance. If a person has basic knowledge of IPR  and if he wanted to choose it as his career then he must enhance his knowledge (by completing Certificate or diploma course) or may pass the various exams being conducted by IPR Office.

Hope this information is useful to you and may satisfy your above questions.


Atul Suryavanshi

Attorney - IPR @ Justa Causa Legal Associates

Call me @ 0992352956

E-mail - justacausa.lawfirm@gmail.com




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