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Tips to a Successful Marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!

Page no : 2

J. P. Shah (RTI & CONSUMER ACTIVIST)     21 July 2008

I have forwarded your tips to young relatives and their friends etc. Youths  must learn how to manage marriages. U may visit my file on managing marriages also.

V.Raghavan (Advocate Madras High Court)     30 July 2008

Very very useful tips for all married couples whether new or old. Every one should keep it in their mind. Thanks

K.C.Suresh (Advocate)     31 July 2008

Dear Shree, 32 tips are like 32 teeth. Each one is important. If one get damaged the others may get troubles.  The overall effect of the 32 is one. I.e., love each other, underatnd each other, think always that W&H are two breeds with two DNA. Careful for the first 5 years to get everything synchronized even the s*x. Finally I may say that only when one clap with both hands the sound comes. If one hand didnot. There will not be sound. Love is devine. Only man can smile. No other beings in this universe. The most effective method is devine love and s*x. There is universal charectorhood for man and woman. That is the basic which some times comes out. Control that ego factor and live quietly with love and an object to bring a good family. Think about the children. Why Shree i am saying all these it is because of the faith of several families I have seen in the corridors of family courts. Your tips will be saved to a file "Shree's Tips of Life". Thank you to all the like hearted folks. Adv.K.C.Suresh, Kerala

Guest (n/a)     04 August 2008

Dear Sir,

Million thanks with the milloin dollor smile...with heart ful  thank for the words you expressed....the words has its heeling power...the points to be remembered for on giving your tip....for those who have  thier ears & brain to think over.




Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     17 November 2010

dear sir,


very good article!


now i have  a question on ur 12th point,ie,dont criticise his/her parents.

now suppose the spouse's parents abuse you in absence of your partner everyday,and the person keeps quiet to avoid hurting his spouse.

as a result the victim goes thru lot of mental stress as he cant share his plight with his own partner.

so shud he continue remaininng quiet or directly tell his spuse that he is facing cruelty from his parents?

the partners have taken a vow that they will protect each other whenever the situation demands...



Originally posted by :Ajay kumar singh
" Marriage is actually a dictate of God. It is said that marriages are settled in heaven. As per MANU,marriage is a combination of two persons bone to bone and flesh to flesh. Husband and wife are the wheels of the cart of life. They must have trust in each other and should stick firmly to the pious terms of marriage. No spouse should treat its partner inferior. I am in full agreement with you. "


Manu's theories are born defected that pulls someone under someone.  In fact, both the husband and wife are two separate personalities.  Mr. Shree has given lot of good tips.  In short, if everyone (husband & wife) consider this fact that both are two separate persons with different qualities and mind and respect each other's personalities than they will adjust as well.  Keeping expectation that the other should be changed as per your choice is the only defection.

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shrikant chede (law officer)     19 November 2010


JAYESH (Sr. Executive HR.)     25 November 2010

thats really great sir...

just now i'm suffering from problem of separation but i know all will be well so then i will apply your rules in my life.



AJ Agarwal (Self)     05 December 2010

I just want to say one thing to Mr Shree (advocate) and others who are praising him - Do you (i.e. men in general) ever consider even 1/10 of this much to your mother & father who brought you up ? and to your brothers & sisters with whom you grew playing ? No, the answer is a balant NO. All men do everything to please their wife (so-called partner) and wife's relatives, but not even a fraction for their own family members. I wish that their sons do the same with their own wifes, so that men-in-general would know before their life is over, as to hom much they neglected their parents & brothers & sisters in the name of keeping one's wife happy

The way the girls are beign broght up by their parents, are with double standards of the parents. They wil tecah indpendency & legal rights to their daughters, but will look for cow-like-simple girl for their own son

A girl who comes in a marriage to shoulder responsibilities deserves her share of care, and if one follows Mr Shree then she gets it anyways whether living responsibly or not, faithfully or not,

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