threatening neighbour

Dear Experts,

Me and my family are constantly living under fear from this maddening neghbour since many years now. But we cannot tolerate it any more. 

For approximately last one month he is damaging our flat's exterior wall by hitting it with heavy weight every morning. I've have brought to the notice of the society and will be soon submitting a letter for the same.

But now we want some permanent solution (I dont believe society could help much).

His past records are also very threatening for which we didnt care to take any action. But now he has tried all our patience.

Previously he had hit my aunty on her face, my dad and my uncle.

His own brother and mother had to abondon their house for his nuisance.

He had been jailed for many times but as soon as he gets bailed he creates havoc for us.

Nonetheless, he has not paid for the society maintainance fees as well as the for the society renovation charges.


Please help me find a permanent solution and put this dangerous person far away forever.


very scary and sad situation sir, are you alone troubled by him or other neighbors as well.
if other neighbors as well then in that you can collectively think of taking some action against him. 
but I really dont know what can you do 

Can society kick him out of this ? i dont think they have power to do so.
may be collectively you lodge  police complain agianst him, but our police is great , they may take some money from him and leave him , if police was honest also then what kind of punishment they can give? perhpas put him in jail for few months and again he will be out. 

i think such people dont deserve to live in society, that would be permanent relief for you.
buy his proerty collectively and chuck him out or get him some good deal and get rid of him,  
but where ever he goes he will do that same. house for such people is Nimhans.

Is it possible for you people to legally prove that he is mentally sick if you could do that by recording some of his video, taking interview of some of residents, video is his family members, and put it under civil court/criominal court which ever is applicable. 

then may be you cna get some relief. 

somebody who is lawyer please help this man out. please.i feel so sad for him



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As per you he is bail out, Get infrmatin about said case and inform to plice If police don't pay head than give application t SSP and than Registered your report  through Court.

appropriate Court can cancle his bail.

Also give applicatin for protection.




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